What Could You Buy?

Not only are cigarettes incredibly bad for your health but they also can take a hefty chunk out of your bank account.

One pack of cigarettes cost approximately $11.32. With this money you could go to a grocery store and but yourself some vegetables to treat your body rather than kill it.

If you bought one pack of cigarettes every day for a week you would waste $79.24. Instead you could use this money on winter boots or even a winter coat, which is much more useful than destroying your lungs.

Buying one pack of cigarettes a day for an entire month would cost $350.92. Rather than contaminate your body with the chemicals that cigarettes contain for an entire month you could instead use this this money to whiten your destroyed rotting teeth.

If you purchased a pack of cigarettes every day for an entire year you would spend $4131.08. With this money you could buy a decent vehicle, which is a much better alternative to completely wicking your body.

Purchasing a pack of cigarettes every day for 5 years would cost an astonishing $20 659. On average people will spend over $2000 on gas in a year. That means with the $20 659 you would waste on cigarettes, you could instead use this money to buy gas for 10 years.

In the end is killing yourself just to feed your addiction really worth it? It is never to late to stop smoking. It is extremely harmful to your body and as you can see it is also harmful on your wallet.

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