Act II, Scene I Critical Response

Cassius: Brutus, thee seem as though thou art sans intermission.

Doth ones inquisition of these foes keep thee from thy rest?


Brutus: My questioning lay not with these people.

It lays with thy reasoning of them.

For I know no personal endowment for this act.

My only wishes lay with the good of Rome.


Cassius: Brutus, thy must have faith with such men.

For they share only your thoughts.

Non of them shall unfold any signs of taint.

Whenas faced with thy wit.


Brutus:  How can one make such a virtuous hope?

At a hour where so much is at stake.


Cassius: For I weet these men, and I weet these citizens.

They all affy within thou.

Does that not make thou accountant within trusting them?

The ones who expend thy word as intercession?

If thou yet has faith within these men,

We shall propose an oath to approof their intentions.


Brutus:  Where thou say they affy then they doth.

Let us not compose an oath,

for it shalt reveal doubt with these men.

let us reveal faith with our word,

Where tis so wholesome to them.


Cassius:  Where thee say so then it shall be done.


Brutus:  we must act quickly,

For the sun is unfolding.

When daylight is upon us we shalt enact this sacrificial gesture

For the good of rome and its people.


(Cassius nods his head in agreement and leads Brutus to join back with the rest of the conspirators)

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