Ignored Advice

Advice. For some of us it is easily given and not received, and for others, it is the complete opposite. Sadly, I am the type to give and have a difficult time receiving said advice. The main reason being I don’t like being wrong.  I mean no one does but for some reason when it comes to me it is extremely difficult to accept. Just one of the many downsides to being a perfectionist. I guess one reason could be the embarrassment or the hurting of ones pride that comes with being told what to do rather than making every single decision on your own. I believe that is why Caesar chooses to ignore the advice Calpurnia gives him to stay home. He doesn’t want to look like a push over or that he can’t think for himself. I’m not saying he was right in his decision but I can see where he was coming from in his state of insecurity.

When I was around 12 my family and I were at my lake and my brother and one of my cousins were trying out water skiing. I really didn’t want do it. It looked difficult and I just preferred knee boarding; I knew I was good at kneeboarding and I had no idea how i’d be at skiing. Eventually my dad convinced me to go.  He had said that I’d regret it if I didn’t which really got me. Before they started the boat, I was bobbing in the water with the rope clenched in between my fists. My dad yelled from the back of the boat,

“If you fall, let go of the rope, otherwise you’ll be swallowing a lot of water.”

I nodded my head in agreement but I thought to myself that was an awful idea. Why would I want to let go and then be stranded in the water for however long it took for the boat to loop back around to me? That terrified me more than taking a “few sips” of water. So they started up the boat and sure enough I fell almost instantly. I barely made it out of the water and of course, I didn’t let go of the rope. Instead, I held on for what felt like forever. Mouth wide open, lake water flowing into my lungs. I could literally hear my dad yelling at me to let go of the rope through the muffling of the water filling my ears and still, I held on. Eventually they stopped the boat and I began coughing up half of the lake that I voluntarily swallowed.

It is quite obvious that I should have listened and let go of the rope; it would have prevented the tears and the sore throat. However, me being me I was stubborn and thought that I should just listen to myself and do what I thought was best. I made my decision based on fear and I didn’t want to be left in the middle of the lake alone. Yet, in the end I still ended up scared and to this day I have never water skied.

Caesar made his decision based on fear too, although he likes to pretend he fears nothing.  The fear of looking dependent on others advice and of being wrong. But in the end he was scared and he regretted his decision.  Would it have killed him to do something someone else’s way for once? Your way isn’t always best and that’s ok. I guess I need to take some of my own advice as well as the advice of others.

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