Act 4 Personal Response

I am not a fan of losing. I mean who really is? No matter who are, everyone wants to win. Win at things as small as a friendly ping pong game or even win at life, however you may measure that. It’s almost part of the human condition to want to be deemed better among our family and peers, even perfect strangers. Of course in Brutus and Cassius’s situation, where their own life is on the line, I’m sure they’ve never want to win something so badly before in their lives.

Winning is a mental game. If you don’t believe that you have a chance of winning then there is a very slim chance that you will. When you think that you are incapable of succeeding then your actions reflect these thoughts. But if you have opposite thoughts and convince yourself that there is a possibility you could succeed then you have a much larger chance of doing so. You have to be careful though, if you become so confident in your abilities to win that you are almost cocky then you may think you don’t need to give 100% to succeed ,causing your opponents to take the upper hand. ¬†Having the perfect mentality is key when it comes to competition especially if you are going up against strong opponents.

When my team volleyball or basketball team is about to play a team that we know has a high skill level I find it’s very hard for us not to get a little discouraged, especially if we have lost to said team before. A very usual term that I tend to repeat to my team mates when we are in this situation is to play our game. It seems like such a simple reminder, almost unnecessary. But it really is such an important thing to keep in mind.

Playing your game means knowing and being confident in the fact that you know what you are doing. It means playing as a team how we always do in and out of practice. We stay at our skill level and that can and will be enough to allow us to succeed and grow stronger as a team. We tend to start to fall apart when we try to play other teams games and try to match their level, but we are a different team for a reason. Each team has a different style of playing even though every team is playing the same sport. If we stick to what we know and what we practice we have a much higher chance of winning. Even if you don’t come out of this match or game being victorious, knowing you and you and your team played their very best and gave it their all is victory enough.

Sometimes it is hard to speak up and give a little bit of advice that you think your team mates¬†and yourself may need, especially if you’re not labelled as “captain.” But you ever know, your small little reminder to “play our game” may just be exactly what they need to focus and start playing to win.

Brutus and Cassius were team mates when it came to the battle between them and Antony and Octavius. At first they both believed they didn’t have a chance, and if they would have had that mind set going into battle, they wouldn’t have. But after a little reassurance, they had a little more faith in themselves which allowed for the opportunity for them to succeed. Unfortunately miscommunication resulted in failure in this situation. Which is also a good example of what is important when it coms to a team, communication. Once your al on the same page and in the right mental state, your going to be pretty hard to beat.

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