Father Roger was Here November 17th

The Catholic Religion is not necessarily something I follow nor agree with. But that is not to say that there are not some aspects of the religion that are very helpful and something I think we all need.

When Father Roger came in I’m not going to lie, I did have some prejudice thoughts. But, there was one topic that really resonated with me despite my religious beliefs, and that was sacrifice. Throughout the book Julius Caesar a lot of the characters have had to make many sacrifices, some for good and some for bad. But what defines a sacrifice as being good or bad?

First of all, what does making a sacrifice even mean? Sacrificing can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people, but to me it means viewing something as having more value than another thing. So you choose to give up said thing in order to give your full value to other said thing. And this thing is people, or at least it should be. When we sacrifice things like idea and objects its not really a true sacrifice. Because really, how much can you truly love an idea or object. Sure there great to have, but at the end of the day the materialistic parts of your life are completely irrelevant if you don’t have people that you can truly love to share them with. If you don’t indefinitely love something then giving it up shouldn’t be to hard, and that is not a sacrifice. ¬†Sacrifices should be difficult, heartbreaking even, but thats what makes it a real sacrifice.

Father Roger brought up the idea that a sacrifice is a completely selfless act, an altruist act if you will, but i’d have to disagree. If you really dig deep into why you are sacrificing something there is going to be at least a small dose of selfishness, whether you intend there to be or not. Even if you do something as big as donating thousands of dollar to the poor or sacrificing your time to help build houses for those in need. Would these actions make you feel good? of course! Doing something that you know will make you feel good but is not your main objective is a little selfish, but thats not a bad thing. And I think thats yet another flaw with our society today. We make people feel guilty for making themselves feel good, happy in fact, even if they are doing something that benefits others. Without a doubt there are some people in this world, people with a lot of power, that are extremely selfish and do things if and only if they are getting something for themselves out of it. That is where I would have to agree that selfishness is being taken to far. But if someone is sacrificing¬†for others with good intentions in mind and they happen to receive a little “selfish” happiness for themselves along the , then what is so wrong with that?

There may be a little bit to much negative connotation around the idea of being selfish in today’s society. It’s sad to think that there are people in the world who have almost ruined it for us. But, everything is always fixable and I think a lot more people could try putting themselves first for a change, just as much as some people could try being a little more selfless with their sacrifices.

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