Father Mike Video #3

Do All Good People Go To Heaven?

This question has been largely questioned by intellectuals of all standards. Father Mike tells us that we are often too optimistic when it comes to the idea of entering college. When talking among friends or average people we often say that if you believe in God that you will go to heaven. The bible however, has a much different explanation. Jesus tells us that “Wide is the road that leads to destruction” and “Narrow is the gate that leads to eternal life.” This means that it is easy to make the wrong decisions in life and tells us that we must use self discipline and choose the right path in life that will lead us to salvation. According to Father Mike there are four steps that we must take in order to enter into his kingdom. The first step is baptism, we must be introduced to the Lord’s kingdom. Second, we need to accept the holy eucharist so that we can be one with Jesus’ body. Next we must work hard to follow the faith. Finally, we need to obey the Lord’s word and obey his commandments. Father Mike says that we must prepare ourselves in order to enter into his kingdom. We cannot just live out our days rejecting God and living as we choose than expect to enter into Heaven. We must put in the effort to get to know God so that we will be ready to enter into his kingdom.


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Father Mike Video #2

Love is unconditional. True love is eternal. Love is so much more than a word shared between two people. It is a commitment. A commitment that means that you will put aside your own personal interests just for the other person’s happiness. True love is selfless. Love is more than a feeling, love is a decision, love is a desire. Father Mike Schmidt explained to us that God has this strong love for each one of us. He grants us unconditional love. He loves us to the point that he gives us free will and allows us the choice to choose to reject him if that is what we want. Fr. Mike tells us why people often misuse the word. It is because humans have a natural desire to be loved. We have a desire for someone to share our feelings and life experiences with. For some of us this desire if fulfilled by God, and the power of prayer. For others it is fulfilled by companionship. Either way it means that reciprocate that love because it is through that offered to us. In order to maintain a love we must be honest and always share with the other because to not share with them is not to love them.


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Father Mike Video #1

The question of why God allows suffering is one that has pawed at the minds of numerous people. This moral conflict is one that has caused the atheism of  many people and the heightened faith of many others. When looking specifically at the topic of suffering we can divide evil into two separate categories. Physical evil is equal to death ex. when the body suffers it dies. Moral evil, such as when a person chooses to sin, leads to the death of the soul ie. when a person is exiled to Hell. Life is on its own clock, ticking away at time. We don’t know when our time will be up and we cannot prevent death. Although, we can prevent evil by exercising the greatest gift God has given us. The gift of freedom and free choice.  The author and lay theologian CS. Lewis wisely spoke, “The moral law is like sheet music. Different notes are right at different times.” Within these words he tells us that we cannot change the plan that God has for us. As well as we mustn’t rush the steps in life that really change who we are and what defines us. Like is like a clock, each minute passes as a result of each of the sixty seconds and sixty “steps” that took place leading up to that moment. These seconds are often very painful and God often encourages this pain because it is from turmoil and suffering that we grow and prevail in our lives. As Father Mike so wisely said,”Your suffering still matters.”



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Leaving Home

Leaving home is one thing that has never really scared me. When I was younger I never got homesick or missed my family when I left overnight or even for longer periods of time. Vermilion is a great town with a lot to offer. Lakeland College has a lot to offer and it has a couple different courses that I would be interested in. However, I really want to get out of town after high school. I’ve always been very independent and strive for the opportunity to make my own decisions and I feel like even if I were to move away from home just to go a few miles into town it wouldn’t feel like I actually “left.” Sure there would be a lot I would have to learn but I am confident that I would figure it out before too long. I have a personal saying that I live by, “If something is worth stressing about, do something about it! If there is nothing you can do about it then stop worrying because there is nothing you can do!”

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Alexander Rutherford Scholarship

Alexander Rutherford was Alberta’s first premier and education minister. The Alexander Rutherford scholarship was set up in his honour and is a scholarship that promotes students to fulfill a further post secondary education after graduating high school. In order to obtain this scholarship a student must meet certain requirements. Such as, you must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, must be enrolled in a full course load in a designated post secondary or apprenticeship program. There are different amounts of money that are available depending on how high their high school marks are throughout their grade ten, eleven, and twelve years. If a student averages between seventy-five percent to seventy-nine they are eligible for fifteen hundred dollars. If a student averages above eighty percent they are eligible for twenty-five hundred dollars.

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I have been a part of soccer since I was 9 years old. I have always enjoyed the strategy and skill that it requires to succeed and win the game. Throughout my seven years playing the sport I have always been drawn to one position on the field. Centre Midfield. If anyone has watched me play it is pretty evident that I don’t stop talking when I’m on the field. I am constantly watching the play and thinking about how the next transition down the field could be affected so I am always instructing my teammates to put themselves in the best position. I guess it is fitting that I have been captain for the last few years. In practice I am always encouraging my players to push as far as they can and to take the drills seriously so that we all can be the best that we were made to be. MyBlueprint actually got it right when they selected Independence as my top motivation factor. Even though Soccer is a purely co-dependent sport I still find ways to adjust the game and shape my team into their proper shape and position. 


The last couple years of my life have been largely spent inside the kitchen. It all started in 2017 when I was still four foot nothing. As I began to grow I started to eat… a lot. This is very common but with me it became excessive. Even today, I will often eat five meals a day. When I began to eat I couldn’t rely on my mom to make me something to eat every time I was hungry because she simply didn’t have time for that. In response to my erratic eating patterns I began to cook meals after meals. My biggest motivation factor is independence and I live up to this title every time I enter the kitchen. Not once have I looked to a recipe or instructions on the side of the box. Instead I would grab whatever ingredients I was hungry for and cook them together. No matter how unusual they might sound to the average person. Some of my creations have involved using apple sauce, diorites, cranberry juice, and ginger ale mixed with pasta, vegetables, and some kind of protein. For the rest of my life I still expect my “happy place” to be in the kitchen. 


Working With My Hands

Throughout my life I have always been drawn to activities where I can use my hands to create something useful or creative out of raw pieces of material. It began when I was young and was given a tub of random legos. I would make numerous things out of those bricks and then when I finished they would sit out proudly for me to display. Then after a while I would think of something else to make and the previous objects would get taken apart and moulded into something new. As I began to mature my focus shifted from legos, Mechanos, and Knects to wood, steel, drills, and welders. I have spent a good amount of time in the garage making troughs for the sheep, potters for my mom, or games out of steel. This spring I bought an old tin fishing boat from my uncle and restored it. Of my summer, some of my favourite times were those working on the boat and then finally being able to enjoy my labour out on the lake. One thing that I noticed especially from working on the boat is that I get very annoyed when people try to change the way I do something or suggest I do it another way. Thus directly ties into my top motivation factor which is that I am very independent.

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On The Sidewalk Bleeding- Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I consider myself to be quite simple. I love to play sports and eat whatever is in the fridge. I am also quite different from my friends, in the sense that I come to school in cowboy boots and wear jeans year round. I am a confident person who isn’t afraid to say how they feel or what they believe in, to anyone who knows me in the slightest way will know this.  The value of hard work has been instilled in my bones since I was little. To those around me, I may seem like this high energy extrovert who would rather be outside with my sheep or in the gym shooting hoops than sitting in a classroom. This is true, I am a typical teenager who is not very fond of school. However, I also appreciate the privilege of going to school. I often think ahead and wonder where I’ll be in ten, twenty years from now.

My parents taught me the value of hard work. They taught me that nothing good comes easy. They also taught me the proper manners that are required in life. That’s why I’ve been working harder at thinking before I speak and doing what I’m told to the best of my ability. I want my future self to be healthy both financially and physically. I have a saying that I often tell myself in life, “It will stop hurting eventually!” I know that this might not be the healthiest thing to motivate me, but it pushes me to run one more lap, catch up to the opponent in front of me, and push through that essay that seems to be killing off the last of my brain cells. Being active allows me a healthy environment to use this.

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Sports are something that I pleasure myself with. They provide me with a place to use my competitive nature as a benefit and provide me with new goals for myself. I am very active. I participate in volleyball, basketball, badminton, track and field, soccer, archery, and hopefully football. I’ve been interested in sports since I was a toddler. In fact, when I was two if you put any piece of sports equipment in front of me, I would be able to tell you which sport it was used for. I have been a captain of my soccer team for the last five years. Our soccer team was fortunate enough to win provincials two years in a row. I am a natural born leader, who takes pride in whatever I do. I have been taught to take ownership of the things that I do positive or negative. I hope to one day play a college level sport. I hope to one day be able to use my gift of public speaking in whatever profession I am involved in.

At the moment, my plan after high school is to attend the University of Lethbridge for an education program and or take political science courses. I’ve always found an interest in politics, as well as, teaching. I think that the best fit for me would be a junior high/high school social teacher. This way I could combine two of my interests and I could also coach sports. I have also been told by many that I would make a good politician because of my ability to debate any issue while justifying my opinion at the same time. I have never been afraid to voice my opinion. That being said I also never advertise it without having the knowledge to back it up.


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Happy Camper

In this day and age, there are many issues that society faces. The most well-known problems that we are taking action against often concern the environment, international relations, or political controversy. However, possibly the most critical issue that could affect the world as we know it is the youth within our borders. After all, they are the leaders of tomorrow. People can ask “What’s wrong teens today?” Where they often question what the teens are doing wrong. They can also look at all of the benefits that teens are granted and believe that they will be better off. There are also struggles that include, troubled teens that may turn out to get better or worse. We might be able to solve these problems or it might be too late. As with many things in life, “Time will tell.”

The question that many superiors ask is, “What’s wrong with teens today.” This question is often stated in the manner that teens are being compared to our parents and their parents before them. I agree that certain values and characteristics have not been enforced upon teens like they were with our ancestors. However is it really their fault? In order for our parents to learn those lessons, they had to be taught by someone else. Therefore if today’s youth was never taught these values it is unfair to contrast the generations against one another.

Adolescents have been raised with so many more privileges and benefits compared to their parents. One of the most widely known examples is the internet. The internet allows for a widespread of information about anything you could possibly think of. In school, modern-day teens are granted a computer whenever they need. This allows an alternative to handwriting their assignments. Often their work can be produced in a shorter time frame and with fewer mistakes. Over time, principles have been challenged and proved definitively wrong. Compared to the racist, unjust society that our ancestors grew up in, we are allowed the freedom to exercise any belief we might have. We have been granted more rights and are more accepting of opinions.

The troubled students of today’s society are less likely to improve because they have not been instilled with the toughness that past generations relied on, and succeeded from. Certain methods, such as: how to deal with a bully, have been softened because people don’t think that their children can handle it. A child getting bullied used to be told to stand up for himself and fight back. Whereas now they are told to use their words and do anything but retaliate. This does not teach them to stand for what they believe in. Our government attempts to solve these problems by creating programs, however, these programs have proven to be ineffective and very expensive. If these youth are raised with the toughness they require, it would prove to be much more effective and save the government money that could be put toward our economy.

These are only a couple of problems that teens face as they mature and take their rightful place in society. After you read this I hope that you will now ask “What’s right with teens today?” For all we know, modern adolescents could end up being more successful and live in a healthier world due to the advantages they have been provided with. I believe that time will tell but we cannot just sit back and let life unfold, we must take charge, and raise our children with the values they require.

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VIBE Menu Visual

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Commandments of the Church

The Ten Commandments are basically guidelines given to us from God to show us how to live a devout life to God and how to ensure a place in heaven. The Five Commandments of the Church are the minimum requirements that we are obliged to partake in each year as members of the Catholic Church. The Five Commandments are much more specific and tell you exactly what to do. Whereas the Ten Commandments are more open to interpretation and allow people to decipher them accordingly. When you read the Five Commandments the wording involved makes them seem more important that the Ten. However if they were more important how come I am hearing of them for the first time now instead of when I was younger. It is clear that the Ten Commandments are more publicised and broadcast-ed  when compared to the Commandments of the Church. This leads me to believe that the Ten are much more serious then the five. The Ten Commandments are also common guidelines to over 41 000 Abrahovic religions.


Canada has two main holy days of obligation that do not fall on Sunday. They include, Christmas, and Mary, Mother of God.

Source: www.catholic.com


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