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Commandments of the Church

Posted by on October 23, 2018

The Ten Commandments are basically guidelines given to us from God to show us how to live a devout life to God and how to ensure a place in heaven. The Five Commandments of the Church are the minimum requirements that we are obliged to partake in each year as members of the Catholic Church. The Five Commandments are much more specific and tell you exactly what to do. Whereas the Ten Commandments are more open to interpretation and allow people to decipher them accordingly. When you read the Five Commandments the wording involved makes them seem more important that the Ten. However if they were more important how come I am hearing of them for the first time now instead of when I was younger. It is clear that the Ten Commandments are more publicised and broadcast-ed  when compared to the Commandments of the Church. This leads me to believe that the Ten are much more serious then the five. The Ten Commandments are also common guidelines to over 41 000 Abrahovic religions.


Canada has two main holy days of obligation that do not fall on Sunday. They include, Christmas, and Mary, Mother of God.



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