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Happy Camper

Posted by on November 22, 2018

In this day and age, there are many issues that society faces. The most well-known problems that we are taking action against often concern the environment, international relations, or political controversy. However, possibly the most critical issue that could affect the world as we know it is the youth within our borders. After all, they are the leaders of tomorrow. People can ask “What’s wrong teens today?” Where they often question what the teens are doing wrong. They can also look at all of the benefits that teens are granted and believe that they will be better off. There are also struggles that include, troubled teens that may turn out to get better or worse. We might be able to solve these problems or it might be too late. As with many things in life, “Time will tell.”

The question that many superiors ask is, “What’s wrong with teens today.” This question is often stated in the manner that teens are being compared to our parents and their parents before them. I agree that certain values and characteristics have not been enforced upon teens like they were with our ancestors. However is it really their fault? In order for our parents to learn those lessons, they had to be taught by someone else. Therefore if today’s youth was never taught these values it is unfair to contrast the generations against one another.

Adolescents have been raised with so many more privileges and benefits compared to their parents. One of the most widely known examples is the internet. The internet allows for a widespread of information about anything you could possibly think of. In school, modern-day teens are granted a computer whenever they need. This allows an alternative to handwriting their assignments. Often their work can be produced in a shorter time frame and with fewer mistakes. Over time, principles have been challenged and proved definitively wrong. Compared to the racist, unjust society that our ancestors grew up in, we are allowed the freedom to exercise any belief we might have. We have been granted more rights and are more accepting of opinions.

The troubled students of today’s society are less likely to improve because they have not been instilled with the toughness that past generations relied on, and succeeded from. Certain methods, such as: how to deal with a bully, have been softened because people don’t think that their children can handle it. A child getting bullied used to be told to stand up for himself and fight back. Whereas now they are told to use their words and do anything but retaliate. This does not teach them to stand for what they believe in. Our government attempts to solve these problems by creating programs, however, these programs have proven to be ineffective and very expensive. If these youth are raised with the toughness they require, it would prove to be much more effective and save the government money that could be put toward our economy.

These are only a couple of problems that teens face as they mature and take their rightful place in society. After you read this I hope that you will now ask “What’s right with teens today?” For all we know, modern adolescents could end up being more successful and live in a healthier world due to the advantages they have been provided with. I believe that time will tell but we cannot just sit back and let life unfold, we must take charge, and raise our children with the values they require.

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