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On The Sidewalk Bleeding- Who Am I?

Posted by on January 13, 2019

Who Am I?

I consider myself to be quite simple. I love to play sports and eat whatever is in the fridge. I am also quite different from my friends, in the sense that I come to school in cowboy boots and wear jeans year round. I am a confident person who isn’t afraid to say how they feel or what they believe in, to anyone who knows me in the slightest way will know this.  The value of hard work has been instilled in my bones since I was little. To those around me, I may seem like this high energy extrovert who would rather be outside with my sheep or in the gym shooting hoops than sitting in a classroom. This is true, I am a typical teenager who is not very fond of school. However, I also appreciate the privilege of going to school. I often think ahead and wonder where I’ll be in ten, twenty years from now.

My parents taught me the value of hard work. They taught me that nothing good comes easy. They also taught me the proper manners that are required in life. That’s why I’ve been working harder at thinking before I speak and doing what I’m told to the best of my ability. I want my future self to be healthy both financially and physically. I have a saying that I often tell myself in life, “It will stop hurting eventually!” I know that this might not be the healthiest thing to motivate me, but it pushes me to run one more lap, catch up to the opponent in front of me, and push through that essay that seems to be killing off the last of my brain cells. Being active allows me a healthy environment to use this.

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Sports are something that I pleasure myself with. They provide me with a place to use my competitive nature as a benefit and provide me with new goals for myself. I am very active. I participate in volleyball, basketball, badminton, track and field, soccer, archery, and hopefully football. I’ve been interested in sports since I was a toddler. In fact, when I was two if you put any piece of sports equipment in front of me, I would be able to tell you which sport it was used for. I have been a captain of my soccer team for the last five years. Our soccer team was fortunate enough to win provincials two years in a row. I am a natural born leader, who takes pride in whatever I do. I have been taught to take ownership of the things that I do positive or negative. I hope to one day play a college level sport. I hope to one day be able to use my gift of public speaking in whatever profession I am involved in.

At the moment, my plan after high school is to attend the University of Lethbridge for an education program and or take political science courses. I’ve always found an interest in politics, as well as, teaching. I think that the best fit for me would be a junior high/high school social teacher. This way I could combine two of my interests and I could also coach sports. I have also been told by many that I would make a good politician because of my ability to debate any issue while justifying my opinion at the same time. I have never been afraid to voice my opinion. That being said I also never advertise it without having the knowledge to back it up.


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