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Posted by on September 10, 2020


I have been a part of soccer since I was 9 years old. I have always enjoyed the strategy and skill that it requires to succeed and win the game. Throughout my seven years playing the sport I have always been drawn to one position on the field. Centre Midfield. If anyone has watched me play it is pretty evident that I don’t stop talking when I’m on the field. I am constantly watching the play and thinking about how the next transition down the field could be affected so I am always instructing my teammates to put themselves in the best position. I guess it is fitting that I have been captain for the last few years. In practice I am always encouraging my players to push as far as they can and to take the drills seriously so that we all can be the best that we were made to be. MyBlueprint actually got it right when they selected Independence as my top motivation factor. Even though Soccer is a purely co-dependent sport I still find ways to adjust the game and shape my team into their proper shape and position. 


The last couple years of my life have been largely spent inside the kitchen. It all started in 2017 when I was still four foot nothing. As I began to grow I started to eat… a lot. This is very common but with me it became excessive. Even today, I will often eat five meals a day. When I began to eat I couldn’t rely on my mom to make me something to eat every time I was hungry because she simply didn’t have time for that. In response to my erratic eating patterns I began to cook meals after meals. My biggest motivation factor is independence and I live up to this title every time I enter the kitchen. Not once have I looked to a recipe or instructions on the side of the box. Instead I would grab whatever ingredients I was hungry for and cook them together. No matter how unusual they might sound to the average person. Some of my creations have involved using apple sauce, diorites, cranberry juice, and ginger ale mixed with pasta, vegetables, and some kind of protein. For the rest of my life I still expect my “happy place” to be in the kitchen. 


Working With My Hands

Throughout my life I have always been drawn to activities where I can use my hands to create something useful or creative out of raw pieces of material. It began when I was young and was given a tub of random legos. I would make numerous things out of those bricks and then when I finished they would sit out proudly for me to display. Then after a while I would think of something else to make and the previous objects would get taken apart and moulded into something new. As I began to mature my focus shifted from legos, Mechanos, and Knects to wood, steel, drills, and welders. I have spent a good amount of time in the garage making troughs for the sheep, potters for my mom, or games out of steel. This spring I bought an old tin fishing boat from my uncle and restored it. Of my summer, some of my favourite times were those working on the boat and then finally being able to enjoy my labour out on the lake. One thing that I noticed especially from working on the boat is that I get very annoyed when people try to change the way I do something or suggest I do it another way. Thus directly ties into my top motivation factor which is that I am very independent.

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