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Father Mike Video #1

Posted by on October 30, 2020

The question of why God allows suffering is one that has pawed at the minds of numerous people. This moral conflict is one that has caused the atheism of  many people and the heightened faith of many others. When looking specifically at the topic of suffering we can divide evil into two separate categories. Physical evil is equal to death ex. when the body suffers it dies. Moral evil, such as when a person chooses to sin, leads to the death of the soul ie. when a person is exiled to Hell. Life is on its own clock, ticking away at time. We don’t know when our time will be up and we cannot prevent death. Although, we can prevent evil by exercising the greatest gift God has given us. The gift of freedom and free choice.  The author and lay theologian CS. Lewis wisely spoke, “The moral law is like sheet music. Different notes are right at different times.” Within these words he tells us that we cannot change the plan that God has for us. As well as we mustn’t rush the steps in life that really change who we are and what defines us. Like is like a clock, each minute passes as a result of each of the sixty seconds and sixty “steps” that took place leading up to that moment. These seconds are often very painful and God often encourages this pain because it is from turmoil and suffering that we grow and prevail in our lives. As Father Mike so wisely said,”Your suffering still matters.”

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