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Father Mike Video #2

Posted by on November 2, 2020

Love is unconditional. True love is eternal. Love is so much more than a word shared between two people. It is a commitment. A commitment that means that you will put aside your own personal interests just for the other person’s happiness. True love is selfless. Love is more than a feeling, love is a decision, love is a desire. Father Mike Schmidt explained to us that God has this strong love for each one of us. He grants us unconditional love. He loves us to the point that he gives us free will and allows us the choice to choose to reject him if that is what we want. Fr. Mike tells us why people often misuse the word. It is because humans have a natural desire to be loved. We have a desire for someone to share our feelings and life experiences with. For some of us this desire if fulfilled by God, and the power of prayer. For others it is fulfilled by companionship. Either way it means that reciprocate that love because it is through that offered to us. In order to maintain a love we must be honest and always share with the other because to not share with them is not to love them.

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