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Father Mike Video #3

Posted by on November 3, 2020

Do All Good People Go To Heaven?

This question has been largely questioned by intellectuals of all standards. Father Mike tells us that we are often too optimistic when it comes to the idea of entering college. When talking among friends or average people we often say that if you believe in God that you will go to heaven. The bible however, has a much different explanation. Jesus tells us that “Wide is the road that leads to destruction” and “Narrow is the gate that leads to eternal life.” This means that it is easy to make the wrong decisions in life and tells us that we must use self discipline and choose the right path in life that will lead us to salvation. According to Father Mike there are four steps that we must take in order to enter into his kingdom. The first step is baptism, we must be introduced to the Lord’s kingdom. Second, we need to accept the holy eucharist so that we can be one with Jesus’ body. Next we must work hard to follow the faith. Finally, we need to obey the Lord’s word and obey his commandments. Father Mike says that we must prepare ourselves in order to enter into his kingdom. We cannot just live out our days rejecting God and living as we choose than expect to enter into Heaven. We must put in the effort to get to know God so that we will be ready to enter into his kingdom.

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