Photoshop- Putting Disney Into Focus

The inspiration of the image is HERE.

The idea of this project, is to take an object and make it so that only that thing is recognizable and “pops” out in the image.

I will use my dog to be the only thing in focus.

The image I started with:

The image is of my dog, that I took a little while ago on my snapchat. And this is the finished product of the images distortions:

All I used were a few simple tools to mess the background out and focus on only Qota, and they were all very simple to distort the background and mess it up.

These were all of the things that I actually used to make the background look so funky, mixing up the colours, blurring the people and grass in the background, “smudging” the texture of the background, and also adding the bits of really patchy looking places around the photo.

Then I had a layer underneath, which I used to erase a few places on the actual top picture and reveal the non-colour shifted background. Then I distorted that as well, just with no colour changing.

The reason I used my dog, was because I see pets as a symbol of loyalty amongst all the stress and blur of life, I have seen and experienced that the only one you can truly rely on other than family and God are the things that God gave to use as pets. I’ve found that even when I am feeling blue, this puppy is the sparks of happiness. This is why I chose that my dog would show through as a clear in the image above anything else that I could have chosen.