Ban Hand Held Distractions

Cell phones are becoming the worst enemies of many people in classrooms, and around schools. Let me tell you about a couple things that will happen if phones would be allowed in classes. Phones make many disturbances throughout the classes, cellphones are never only used for educational reasons, and last Cyberbullying.

Using phones during class may sound fun or exciting, and it honestly would be. Many people feel that their phones would never become a distraction to themselves or to others, but actually I know that phones could become a disturbance to the person using the device, then making sounds disturbing others. In my experiences, phones cause nothing but turmoil in an establishment for learning. Everyone thinks that phones can act as research tools, I understand why they think that, but other things such as laptops could be mandatory in class. I think that phones would much more disturbances than a big school laptop would any old day, phones are much too personalized to be used in class and not be a disturbance. Something that phones do is make random sounds, phones would act as a disturbance to people who don’t even own a phone. If something for research is needed, bring an encyclopedia, a dictionary, or a thesaurus, these all would be much more effective than some silly phone.

I used to think that if someone were to take a phone to their class then they would definitely only use it to make an improvement in their education, however in many cases people don’t. Things like games, texting, YouTube, Email, taking images, weird apps, and many other things similar to that could be used in class and not better their learning experience. Learning is why we are in school after all, our education is important, so we do not use phones in class to keep our learning experience strictly educational. I feel that because of these reasons, phones have to be banned, all because some people do not use their cellphones educationally in classroom of St. Jerome School.

Now I know the chances of cyber bullying happening during a class is very slim or feels very slim, but there is a chance of it happening. We live in an age when feeling good about yourself means putting down others, and either we put it online for the world to see or do it right to the person’s face. Within class many thing happen, we get a bad mark or maybe we might do something that is embarrassing, whatever it may be people will make fun or jokes about others. With phones in class rude or unapproved photos and videos could be illegally taken by a first party person of a second party person. I understand why people might want to act like they would never do this, but I know for sure someone would definitely do something like this. Without phones present in classes, it would be very easy to prevent in school situations that might come up if phone were to be allowed in classes.

I conclude that through these few paragraphs, you and I both learnt things that are very important. Phones, provide as distractions to others and to any education. Cell phones can play as a bullying medium and device that we may not even know they could act as. So please, keep cellphones out of classrooms of our St. Jerome School classrooms.
By: ChriStella Downer

Grade: 8

Date: 2016-06-11

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