Can’t We Help?

A big problem in our world is the big amount of pollution on our world because we take it for granted. One thing I can do to help is by not throwing extra trash on the ground and by picking up the other people’s litter, this will let less things sit around and accidentally kill any animal. It may also inspire other people to clean up after themselves and others. Along with that there is more little things I can do like start recycling and using reusable containers more because it makes less trash to be laying around or to be burnt. Other things I can do is start to carpool, bike, and walk, this won’t probably put me in a dilemma because I usually walk anyways. Conserving energy is another thing I can do, because it will help to stop putting so much pollution out. With that another thing I can do is use alternative energy sources that are safe for the environment. Me and my family can change to electric cars, solar panels, hydroelectricity, wind turbines, and geothermal energy. These types of energy are pretty practical and also are more safe for the environment. Also a big problem is the amount of trees that get cut down, sometimes companies do clear cuts which can take away whole entire forests at once. I can plant trees every year to kind of make the number of trees on earth go up. A large problem in our societies and around the world are the extended amount of people living in poverty and the homeless lives that grow every year. So some things I can do to help, is donate some of my clothes to them through the Salvation Army, this will help because it will let people who have no or little clothes to wear, have something to change into everyday. One big problem amongst the poor is that they also have little food, so something I can do is donate food or donate my time at a soup kitchen to feed people who are homeless and don’t have food. Something else I could do is spend time with the homeless and elderly people to play games with them or just listen to what they say and listen to their stories. Maybe they just want someone who genuinely cares for them and their opinions. The last very effective thing I could do is pray with or for them. This is a very good thing because everyone can pray and through God all things are possible, so it can help them out even if it just makes them believe in themselves. Those are things I can do to help in my community, what can you do?

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