Illness Investagation

Crohn’s Disease

A chronic inflammatory (provoking and irritation) disease in the intestines (mainly in the colon and the ileum), associated with Ulcers Fistula.
Gastrointestinal tract is what this disease affects in the body, this is the digestive system where the food gets broken down.
The gastrointestinal tract is broken up into two different parts which is the upper and lower part. It includes the stomach and intestines, and many more other organs make up the gastrointestinal tract.
The causes of Crohn’s disease are not exactly pinpointed to one thing, it was believed that the amount of stress you have, and the diet you have can make you have Crohn’s disease. It was later proven that the stress and diet you have do not cause it just aggravates the disease. Research now suggests that a malfunctioning immune system, genetics, and their environment might make someone more prone to getting the disease.
Crohn’s disease makes the intestine become crippled and not work. The food can not be processed properly.
Crohn’s disease is mainly treated with drug therapy, but in some extreme cases where the disease had been going on longer, they have to give the patient surgery and removed infected parts and organs.

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