Media Project #2 (Cat)

The project I am doing is THIS.

This is the image I tried to kind of copy to make my image, so that the cat would look similar to one in real life. Then I put it into photoshop and started to outline it so the cat would still show when I added the coloured layer. I used the paintbrush tool on 15 pt and outlined all the obvious lines of the cat.

Then I coloured the next layer in complete orange colour to create the base of my “cheetah print”.

Them I added a darker orange colour with black outlines to complete the “cheetah print”.

Then I created a mask in the cheetah print layer and outlined the cat so that the cat could show through the coloured layer.

Then I added all of the typing.

Then I ended with this result, after changing the colour of the typing to a deep purple.

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