Qualities of Friendship

Our friends are people that you like to spend time with whether it’s for their personality, you share interests or they’re just nice to you. When I look for a friend I look for these.

  1. Smart: Smart people I find easy to get into deep conversations with and sometimes learn something well you’re at it.
  2. Nice: If someone is mean and constantly going to be putting you down they are not going to make a good friend.
  3. Funny: If a friend is always making jokes and making you laugh they are someone you know is going to cheer you up even on the worst days.
  4. Talkative: Someone who is always up for a conversation and always has something valuable to add to a conversation.
  5. Similar Interests: People with similar interests are easy to find a topic to talk about.

These are what I like to look for in my friends they have to be smart nice funny talkative and have similar interests they don’t have to have all of them but most of my friend have at least 3 or 4.


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