Twitter Essay

We use technology everyday and it has become an essential asset in our everyday lives. We can use it for numerous different tasks or just for fun. It started out just being an extra thing that we used, but now the young kids of our generation do nothing but sit around using technology. In the book The veldt, when the kids got their technology taken away from them they almost didn’t know what to do with themselves anymore. There is good and bad that comes with using technology, it all comes down to the user.

We are super lucky to live in such a beautiful country like Canada. One of the advantages to living in a higher class country or a country that is not in complete poverty, is that we get high end technology. In other countries that don’t have any money or get any funds for their technology development, they do not have anywhere near as much technology growth as other countries. But technology has allowed us to share everything we learn with other less fortunate countries. Think of all the technology that we have found, that has saved lived in a hospital, or helped a child understand in a classroom. But vice versa, think of all the bad stuff that gets shared. Anyone can see anything that is posted online.

Although technology is a great thing, it can also cause harm to the environment. The technology that scientists have come up with to make our cars and all types of vehicles so beautiful, can have harmful effects. Some people will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of vehicles making the look, sound and drive the best. But what we don’t think of is all of the pollution that comes out into the atmosphere when we make our vehicles top notch. But also on the other side of things, technology has allowed us to hybridize some vehicles making them give off no air pollution what so ever. Electric cars have come out now and give off absolutely no noise or exhaust pollution. Once again, technology can go both ways for our environment.

Us as humans aren’t the only ones benefitting from technology, animals are also. Animals now a days are more likely to survive an accident or injury because of the different medicines we have come up with using technology. But once again, there are quite a few negatives for animals in this case. With all of our big machines now from technology, we are clear cutting trees which is eliminating our animals homes all of their essentials that they need to survive. We are also putting up a lot more buildings because of all of our new features, which again is eliminating wildlife housing.

Technology as you can see in my above paragraphs, can go both ways in many different instances. Even though there any quite a fe negatives that come from our development of technology. But I still think we benefit more than we can take as negative. Our scientists have done a lot of work to help us but I still think we are capable of accomplishing more.

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