Business Letter

PO Box 2387

Vermilion AB T9X 2B7

Feb 18, 2015

Dasani Water

PO Box 1743

Atlanta GA 30301

Dear Dasani Water:

Nowadays the people are always looking for a new and improved substance to hydrate them. But water is water, there is not such thing as new and improved water. Water, the largest amount of liquid on earth, is now more than any substance without a label and packaging. The only new and improved thing on a item, is the label and the appearance of it. Tap water isn’t dangerous, but citizens are concerned that they will get poisoned, but they won’t. Tap water is a lot cheaper than bottled water, almost next to free. Water companies make a big deal on what they are selling, by what the contents are, and what makes it so special. the brand names and the appearance are the only things that help a person decide what to buy, but i could go to the Vermilion River and get as much water as i want for absolutely nothing.

The Packaging and label on the item has been stamped to be made out of 99% recycled material, which has been proven to be “environmentally friendly.” But once you buy the product, usually within the next 10 minutes, the item is already being thrown into the garbage. The average price of gasoline is about 81.9 cents per litre, but you can buy a 591ml bottle of water, the most plentiful substance on earth, for about $1.59. This statistic is basically stating that we are paying for generally the packaging and the labelling that is put on the main product. Usually if the labels are colorful and glossy, the consumer seems more into the item, thus making the customers buy more, but if the packaging and labels aren’t environmentally friendly, they have simply failed, or lied to the consumer about the 99% recycled material.

Water has been on this earth for more than 6 billion years, and the water put into the bottle is no different than the water outside of it. In most places , anyone can get any amount of water for free, but instead we buy it, for more than free. As far as im concerned, we could put water in a cardboard box, and still get it for more than free. Modern citizens are always scared that water from the tap is dangerous, but really its not. Tap water doesn’t have a label, so its usually free to the user. producers always state that they take certain things out of the water, then replace those things with other substances, to make it better quality, but really it isn’t any different.

The water companies compete with eachother to have better product than other companies to provide a better water, when really they are made out of the same ingredients. So really, what is the huge plus to drinking a different brand of water? There isn’t a plus. Water is water, does the same job and duty on your body to keep you hydrated and in line. Citizens don’t realize that the contents of the product are actually all the same in a sense that all bottles are made of plastics and labels are made of thin films of plastic. The only difference is the brand name, and the appearance that people are concerned about, which helps them decide what to purchase.

From what I gather, people are paying for water that is purified, specifically to better the taste and for the packaging and the labels. Different companies battle to have the best appearance, and the best product so the people buy it more. Citizens look for the best way to hydrate themselves, but really they pay for the most abundant source of liquid on earth that is purified, and put into packaging, to sell for a higher price. Companies guarantee that everything that is holding the materials inside the packaging, contains 99% recycled and reused material, just to make the people want to buy this material more and use it quicker, because then they think that its safe, but really its a lie.

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