ELA Letter Writing:100 Years From Now

Dear Chase:

The present life for your 14 year old self was Playing AA hockey in wainwright hockey on the Polar Kings. My 5 year plan is the get a scholarship by an American  team so I could go play hockey for a college team, and get my education paid for, as I would like be an Instrumental Engineer, where i work in large plants for electrical systems and the electrical instruments. You are now invited to participate in the Alberta Cup team in vegreville, then played in Canmore. People in society respect you as an individual, and since you help them, they try to return the favour. This is such an important asset to your older self , because then if you do need help along the line, you can get it.

At 14 years of age, you have been given the opportunities to grow through what you have accomplished in life. You now have been excepted to the AA wainwright polar kings, and the team record is 16 wins, 14 losses, and 3 ties. As you did this, you “put yourself out there” so that people that work for teams have a chance to see what your like, and then you can go and tryout for that team. Hunting is a huge part of your life, because all of its characteristics interest you in such a way that you study it and make sure you know what alternatives are, and everything that hunting includes. You help your uncle farm, you feed 175 head of cows, and regulate close to 5000 acres of crop in the growing seasons(last part of spring, summer, first part of fall), then on top of that you cut and bale alfalfa for the livestock to keep them alive for the winter.

From age 14-19, you have a plan to play a higher calibre hockey, thus allowing you to succeed, and get noticed so that you can go to a college hockey team, and get a scholarship, so that when you get out of high school, you can go into the trades industry, and get your degree for an Instrumental Engineer, where you go to large power plants, and replace and fix electrical instruments, and large regulators and large circuits. You have also had plans to get a job so that you can pay for your own vehicle when you turn 16 years old, and so that you can help maintain yourself to get a head start in life to keep you on the right path.

The best thing that you can do in your community, is earn peoples respect for you. Because nobody likes a sassy, rude, arrogant person to be included in their lives. If you can give somebody a helping hand in whatever situation they are in, that would be giving them so much respect from you, and they will return the favour, I can almost guarantee it. This may not help you much now, but as you get older, if you need help, people are more than happy to step in and give you a hand. People now a days are really concerned on themselves, not others, so if you be that bigger person, and step up to the plate, you will get it right back, because you took stress off that persons back. But since you are now 100 years old, I would hope you have already done that.



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