Falling in Love

Valentines Day is a great example of how to show love and compassion to your loved one. Love can be difficult, but can also have its beauties. Love is a delicate subject, as well love is strong. Love, in a way, is like a spark and flame. At the beginning of love, there is a spark, then it creates a flame that grows stronger and stronger, until it is the strongest it can get, then you cannot let that flame die because love will die.

Love is very much like a song. Remember When by Alan Jackson is a perfect example. This song talks about vows, a word that can be compared to trust. Trust i a key element of love. Trust shows to your loved one that they can have faith in you. Love can be risky. For a long period of time you can have everything you ever wanted, but in one second, love can disappear on you. This is why you have to control love with care.

Love is also a concept of emotions. Emotions can affect you positively and negatively. Emotions can determine if your partner is the one for you. Somebody that you love can be having an emotional crisis, this can be your time to show your passion for that person. Never show to a partner that love is fading, always keep it strong, alway present positive emotion towards them.

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