Response to Barney

Barney is dead. It is a huge twist, but now that I think that Barney is actually the one talking in the book? I can find that in the text, there are many spelling errors, and  the scientist actually turned out to be the mouse. The mouse was basically put into the lab, as it seemed as a prison for the mouse. As being a scientist, you would at least think that from his knowledge of everything, he would have the highest calibre of spelling.  The fact that Barney is actually getting smarter and smarter as the day’s go one. Some news articles that I have seen is that people test mice to actually see if there is actually any human in the mice? I noticed that the scientists actually did pick more male mice to do test on because of their more constant hormonal cycles. But what will actually happen with the males if you do get a female mixed into the “boys”. Fights and little mice riots are going to break out. From what I can understand is that it has been a tradition for years that the women are always on the bottom end.

The times have changed. Women are now on the ‘top of the world’. Not all, but most.

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