What does it mean to be human?

To be human means to have a conscience, a soul, and care for others. Humans have the ability to connect to other humans and beings in the world. Being human is knowing whats right from wrong and doing what you feel is best or right. Humans have a soul and live even after death. Humans have compassion for others, and the world around them. Gods plan for people is to go into the world and do unto others as they would want done to them. To follow the lords plan and to preach it.


The way Thomas King talks about borders is very complicated, he talked about how there are borders on everything, people, places, everything. There are also many different kinds of borders. Borders mean a line separating two political or geographical areas, especially countries,but really a border in your name also. Without a border you would be the same person.We have borders within borders. Laetitia’s Mom strongly believed in here nationality, so shouldn’t all of us? Thomas King states borders also means labels. Putting labels on people, and things.

Sunrise on the Veld Poem.

Flocks of bird flew into the air,

Suddenly it all rose in him,

I am fifteen,

Yelling mad with joy,


I was free,

Jumping widely into the air,

The words were new to me,

I was young,

I was free,

I was living,

Swinging my gun in the air,

Crazy clean,

Not believing,

I am Fifteen,


Connor Millan




Descriptive Paragraph

My role model is m dad. He is super funny caring and helpful. My fathers name is Kevin Millan. He has short brown hair, with blue eyes. His arms are also freckly. My dad is about 5’11 just a little bit taller than me. My dad helps me out in everything, from sports to any kind of advise, he is also very wise and knowledgeable about all sports and just life its self.

Turning Point

A huge turning point in my life and my fellow team mates from Vermilion had all made a AA hockey team in Wainwright. Going from being an A player all our lives and now playing AA is a pretty huge jump. New coaches greeting all of us as we all walked in the room on our first practice, and new team mates to play with all will make this an awesome year. With all the new stuff as in track suits, suit jackets and much more will make the team look stunning. With Case Mcfarlane, Paul Dahoy, Cody Jackson, Kale Whilhelm, and myself all making this team will be super fun.

A Sunrise on the Veld-Questions

The Boy was enraged at the sight of the buck suffering. He was also discusted at the sight of the rotting dead animal. His state of mind was in despair and sadness because there was nothing he could do, he had to let he didn’t want to inter fear with the way the animal had to die, in pain and suffering.

The boy didn’t shoot the Buck because  he wanted to just end its suffering but didn’t, because eif he was not there that is the way the buck would have died.

He wasn’t thinking straight, wobbly, and not controlling where his feet wee going. He felt sorrowful about the buck, and the way he died. His mood changed so much because of the sight of the buck and that he couldn’t or didn’t want to inter-fear with the way of life.



Human condition

“Solitude is the profoundest fact of the human condition. Man is the only being who knows he is alone.” “Every man carries within him the entire form of our human condition”“I speak to the black experience, but I am always talking about the human condition - about what we can endure, dream, fail at, and still survive.”

There I was sitting on the couch in the hospital deprived of any news about my grandpa. The Doctor came out and said that he is in a coma right now but he is barley alive.Its crucial that you come everyday and talk to him. As i left the hospital I saw the man who crashed his car into my Grandpa’s. I walked past him with a look of disgust, and he just stared at me like a hawk. As the day flow by, day after day, hours after hours  with no progress with my grandfather.

I start to get angry and upset a tote of emotions flowing out, so I go to see my Grandpa and there he was the man who put my Grandfather in a coma for over a week. I go up to him and say,

“What are you doing here, I see you here everyday just sitting here watching him.”

“I am one of your grandfathers friends and I’m so sorry for crashing into him I was coming up here to surprise him on his birthday but then this happened, I know he is all that you have, your parents died when you were just little I had come from and exotic place.”

“Yes he is and now I might not even have him, and how do you even no him I have never seen you before?”

“I was one of his best friends from school coming to visit him and then this happened. Anyways who are you staying with now that your grandpa is in the hospital?”

“No one I’ve been home alone for 4 days now I feel abandoned.”

“You can stay with me till he is all better and awake, by the way my name is Bill.”

“Im Johnny nice meeting you but at the same time I don’t like you.”

“Thats understandable “said Bill.

The next day we go back and then without warning rushes out the nurse saying we need a doctor NOW! Doctor Richards blasted in and slams the door on his way in the room. All we could hear coming from the room is 3, 2, 1 clear. Me and my Grandpas friend Bill start to get worried an want to go in and see but a nurse rushes to the door and shouts that we have to stay back we will get you when we have finished. We hear them say 3, 2, 1, clear 3 more times then one of the nurses says we have a pulse.

All of a sudden interrupting us between our discussion, the Doctor comes running out saying the Robert (aka) my Grandpa is out of his coma and is wanting the comfort of his nephew. I go running in with the happiest look on my face, tears of joy dripping from my eyes as I screamed


“Johnny I am so glad to see you!”

“Me to grandpa you have been in a coma for close to a week now, I’ve been so worried about you.”

“Where have you been staying at since I’ve been in the hospital?”

“Ive been staying with Bill for 4 days now.”

“Bill?”said grandpa.

Then walks in Bill,

“Hey Richard.”

“Bill is that really you?”

“Yes, and I have been taking care of Johnny for you.”

“Oh thank you Bill how can I ever repay you.”

“You can repay me by getting better and forgiving me.”

“Forgive you, forgive you for what? ”

“I am the person who crashed into you and put you here in the hospital, I was coming up here to surprise you on your birthday but I took my eyes off the road for 1 second and then smashed into you.”

“Oh Bill thats ok all that I care about is me and Johnny being ok and still alive, and seeing my best friend from 20 years ago.”

“Thank you Robert, Thank you for forgiving me and now lets get you out of her an get something to eat on me said Bill.”

“That sounds like a fantastic idea Bill but can I first just rest for a while?”

“Of corse said Bill we will come back tomorrow and see how you are doing.”

“ok said Richard and thank you for all your help with Johnny.”

“Richard its not a problem you just rest up and get better before your birthday.”

“Birthday, My birthday isn’t till May and its March.”

“What no its n 5 days Ive never missed it i should no” claims Bill

“I no I’m just kidding with you bill just like in the old days.”

“Haha even when your in the hospital you can still make me laugh thats what Ive always liked about you Buddy.”