Can life really be compared to an orange?

Yes, life can be compared to oranges…

and tells me the orange

has seeds and so is perpetual

and we too will come back

like the orange trees.

Does education make someone a “scholar”?

A specialist in a particular branch of study, especially the humanities; a distinguished academic.

“a Hebrew scholar”. According to this definition if you are a specialist in a particular study, then certainly you are a scholar.

What is greatness?

I’m still deciding what is greatness to me, there are many views on this question, here are two.

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them,” says William Shakespeare.  Contrast that with the pursuit of true greatness as biblically defined: Serving others for the glory of God. This is the genuine expression of humility; this is true greatness as the Savior defined it.”

How old do you think the speaker is? Justify your response with reference to details in the poem.

I believe this person is about 13-14 because he is the age where you understand that death that is is a normal thing in life children around the age of 6-10 they would probably cry at the thought of their parent(s) dying.

I’d gladly give my life

for this man with a sixth

grade education

For what audience do you think the poem is intended?

I think it’s for people who had a recent death in their family they may relate to it and find some comfort in the poem.

Do you think the poet ever expressed these thoughts and feelings to his father? Explain.

I think he did because he wanted to express his feelings to his father about death and how he understands it and how much he loves his father.

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