Meeting Father Joy

Father Joy came to our class today and told us a little bit about himself.  He is the youngest of four brothers and a sister.  When he was in grade 10, he told his parents that he wanted to become a priest.  They thought that maybe he was joking, so they told him to finish his last two years of school, then he could think about it.  When he finished his grade twelve year of high school, he asked his sister, who is a nun, to give him a list of places where he could interview to become a priest.  He didn’t tell his parents beforehand because he was scared that his parents would tell him to go to college and finish there.  After he was selected to become a priest, he told his parents and they supported him.  Father was transferred from India to Edmonton where he worked at St. Theresa Parish.  He worked there before being transferred to Vermilion where he is working at Holy Name of Jesus.

The Father also described his home in India and the hot climate that he had.  He explained that India has many different religions and it is also the largest democracy in the world.  The average temperature in the province of India called Kerala was 20-28 degrees Celcius.  It can also get up to 50 degrees Celcius.  Father Joy mentioned that three full Indias could fit in one Canada and there are more people in his little province, that is 33,863km2 than in the country of Canada which is 9,984,670km2.


My Motivations

Motivation is important in things that you do.  If you aren’t motivated, you probably won’t do things to the best of your ability.  I took a survey on myBlueprint.  The survey said that my top motivation factor was support and my second was recognition.

With the my number one motivation factor being support, I tend to help or assist people when they are struggling or need guiding.  I especially notice this factor when I’m playing hockey.  This year I am one of the second years on our team which means I’m one of the leaders.  I will have to lead the first years and show them what needs to be done.  Last year, I was a first year on my hockey team and I had strong leaders that led us all the way to provincials.

Sometimes I like to be recognised for the things that I accomplish.  It is also good for me to recognise the things that others do too.  One person that I recognise the most is my Dad.  My Dad works everyday and when he’s finished, he comes home and does even more work.  He doesn’t do it to be recognised, but he does it for our family.

With support and recognition being my two biggest motivation factors, I can see how they work into my daily life.

My Knowledge

Knowledge is something you need in almost everything you do.  I took a survey on myBlueprint and found that my biggest subject area of knowledge was business, followed by science and physical education.  All these subjects are a big part in my daily lifestyle.

I would have to say that most of my business education came from a course I took 2 and a half years ago called Biz Kid$.  In that course, they taught us how to manage money, how to improve sales, how to advertise our business in the best way possible.  They also taught us how to increase revenue and decrease expenses.  After this course, I started a business where I sold eggs because I had bought 50 chickens and had too many eggs.  I ran that business for 2 and a half years and made enough money to buy a new dirt bike and two new guns for hunting.

Science has always been one of my favourite subjects.  Two years ago, we had a science fair and for the science fair, I built an electric car.  I had designed it and made a list of all the things I needed.  I worked on this car everyday for about two weeks, just putting things together and trying to make it run once I would flip the switch.  After a while, I finally connected the wires to the correct positions and It ran perfectly.  I ended up winning the science fair with that creation.

All my life I have loved to play sports and be active.  Gym class has always been my favourite class to participate in.  I started playing hockey when I was two and haven’t stopped since.  Now that I am old enough I have started to play volleyball, which I have found out, is one of my favourite sports.  Along with being active, I try to eat as healthy as possible.  Being active and eating well have made me a healthy person.

My top three knowledgeable subjects seem to fit me very well.  I have interests in all of them which seems to help me enjoy them more.

My Personality

The survey that I took reads that my personality type is ESTJ (the supervisor).  From what it says, I could agree with it.  I like to lead and be in charge of things.  I feel good in making decisions and working in groups.

The Ten Commandments

1. I am the LORD your God: you shall not have strange Gods before me.

I am the LORD your God: you shall admire me before others.

2. You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.

You shall use God’s name in good spirit.

3. Remember to keep holy the LORD’S Day.

You shall not work on Sundays.

4. Honor your father and your mother.

You shall not disobey your parents.

5. You shall not kill.

You shall preserve life.

6. You shall not commit adultery.

You shall respect your partner.

7. You shall not steal.

You shall buy everything you need.

8. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

You shall be honest.

9. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.

You shall respect your neighbours wife and their relationship.

10. You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods.

You shall be honoured with what you have.

My interests

My interests usually involve hands-on activities such as working with tools, machines, animals, and materials.  One of my favourite activities to do is carpentry.

Another interest of mine evolves lots of business.  For a while I had my own business selling eggs.  I had chickens and thought that it would be a good idea to start a business because I had lots of eggs and didn’t know what to do with them.

One of the biggest characteristics of these two interests is being a good leader.  I believe that I am a pretty good leader, because I don’t mind public speaking, listening to ideas and applying them to the subject, and being positive, I try my best to lift others instead of bringing them down.

The 10th Commandment

10th Commandment

“You shall not covet”

1st Beatitude

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven”

These two passages are relatable in that they both are wanting something.  “You shall not covet” means that you shall not want or desire something that isn’t yours.  The first Beatitude “Blessed are the poor in spirit” can mean that they are missing something in their spirit and want it back or want to find it. Our world is too self-centred.  People need to stop worrying about themselves and start helping others.  We need to help the poor and poor in spirit.  Simple ways to do that would be opening more shelters, giving them physical and mental help, showing them the way of God.  God wants us to put others before ourselves. God also doesn’t want us to want things that other people have, he doesn’t want us to steal.

My Learning Styles

Kinesthetic learners would typically learn better by touching and doing. My strongest learning style is kinesthetic. I believe that this style of learning fits me very well. Personally, I know that I learn quicker and better when I get hands-on experience. Kinesthetic learners are typically very coordinated and have an excellent sense of their body in space and of body timing. They have great hand-eye coordination and quick reactions. I especially notice these aspects in sports and activities. I Notice my strong hand-eye coordination and reactions when I’m returning a serve or smash in volleyball.