My Knowledge

Knowledge is something you need in almost everything you do.  I took a survey on myBlueprint and found that my biggest subject area of knowledge was business, followed by science and physical education.  All these subjects are a big part in my daily lifestyle.

I would have to say that most of my business education came from a course I took 2 and a half years ago called Biz Kid$.  In that course, they taught us how to manage money, how to improve sales, how to advertise our business in the best way possible.  They also taught us how to increase revenue and decrease expenses.  After this course, I started a business where I sold eggs because I had bought 50 chickens and had too many eggs.  I ran that business for 2 and a half years and made enough money to buy a new dirt bike and two new guns for hunting.

Science has always been one of my favourite subjects.  Two years ago, we had a science fair and for the science fair, I built an electric car.  I had designed it and made a list of all the things I needed.  I worked on this car everyday for about two weeks, just putting things together and trying to make it run once I would flip the switch.  After a while, I finally connected the wires to the correct positions and It ran perfectly.  I ended up winning the science fair with that creation.

All my life I have loved to play sports and be active.  Gym class has always been my favourite class to participate in.  I started playing hockey when I was two and haven’t stopped since.  Now that I am old enough I have started to play volleyball, which I have found out, is one of my favourite sports.  Along with being active, I try to eat as healthy as possible.  Being active and eating well have made me a healthy person.

My top three knowledgeable subjects seem to fit me very well.  I have interests in all of them which seems to help me enjoy them more.

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