My Motivations

Motivation is important in things that you do.  If you aren’t motivated, you probably won’t do things to the best of your ability.  I took a survey on myBlueprint.  The survey said that my top motivation factor was support and my second was recognition.

With the my number one motivation factor being support, I tend to help or assist people when they are struggling or need guiding.  I especially notice this factor when I’m playing hockey.  This year I am one of the second years on our team which means I’m one of the leaders.  I will have to lead the first years and show them what needs to be done.  Last year, I was a first year on my hockey team and I had strong leaders that led us all the way to provincials.

Sometimes I like to be recognised for the things that I accomplish.  It is also good for me to recognise the things that others do too.  One person that I recognise the most is my Dad.  My Dad works everyday and when he’s finished, he comes home and does even more work.  He doesn’t do it to be recognised, but he does it for our family.

With support and recognition being my two biggest motivation factors, I can see how they work into my daily life.

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