Meeting Father Joy

Father Joy came to our class today and told us a little bit about himself.  He is the youngest of four brothers and a sister.  When he was in grade 10, he told his parents that he wanted to become a priest.  They thought that maybe he was joking, so they told him to finish his last two years of school, then he could think about it.  When he finished his grade twelve year of high school, he asked his sister, who is a nun, to give him a list of places where he could interview to become a priest.  He didn’t tell his parents beforehand because he was scared that his parents would tell him to go to college and finish there.  After he was selected to become a priest, he told his parents and they supported him.  Father was transferred from India to Edmonton where he worked at St. Theresa Parish.  He worked there before being transferred to Vermilion where he is working at Holy Name of Jesus.

The Father also described his home in India and the hot climate that he had.  He explained that India has many different religions and it is also the largest democracy in the world.  The average temperature in the province of India called Kerala was 20-28 degrees Celcius.  It can also get up to 50 degrees Celcius.  Father Joy mentioned that three full Indias could fit in one Canada and there are more people in his little province, that is 33,863km2 than in the country of Canada which is 9,984,670km2.


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