The Awful Burden of the Unsolved Riddles of Existence

Questioning everything is one of the most natural things in the world.  Think about it, where would we be today as human beings if we never questioned anything.  No one would’ve learned anything and we would probably all be dead.  A very notable concept is, “What came first, the chicken or the egg?”.  This riddle will either never be answered or will be solved somewhere in the future.  Lying can only lead to someone getting hurt.  Parents are always teaching their kids not to lie because it brings out the bad in someone.  Because our parents do this, we often ask ourselves, should we ever lie.  Another question that has probably been asked by everyone, “Is there a Heaven for us to go to once we pass on?”.  Everyone wants a second life when they pass away.  People want to know they’ll be safe when they’re life comes to an end.  None of these riddles can be solved because there is no evidence yet.

As a personal chicken owner, I get asked a lot if the chicken came before the egg or vice versa.  Truly I don’t know the answer and I always tell the person that.  Anytime I think about it, I think that the chicken came first, but then I realize that the chicken came from the egg and the egg from the chicken.  Causing this never-ending circle of confusion and grief.

No one ever wants to be lied to.  So, is it ok to lie to someone else, ever?  Parents teach us not to lie because it is bad.  Throughout your lifetime, you lie and get lied to thousands if not millions of times.  Why do people do it?  They do it to make others feel good or make themselves feel good.  But does lying actually make you feel good?  It shouldn’t because you’re filling your head with false information.  Even though lying is usually bad, it can be good in some ways.  A few popular ways to use a lie in a good matter is to get someone to a surprise birthday party or telling your kid that there’s a Santa or an Easter bunny.

Heaven is believed to be a peaceful resting place for us when we die.  Just about everyone wants to know if there is a heaven.  There’s no way in knowing until we die.  We just have to have faith and do good things on or planet earth so that if there is true heaven then we will be excepted in.  We can’t focus on our sins because God says he will forgive us.  Instead, we should focus that energy on doing good for the poor in spirit and have faith that there is a heaven.

God has given us reasons to live.  We shouldn’t focus all of our time and energy on questions that have no real answers.  All of these questions can cause people to get angry at themselves and others because they don’t understand what’s being asked.  Everyone shouldn’t focus on the unsolvable riddles but focus on the life and gifts that God has given them.

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