Three Songs

For me, music tells a story.  Each song tells a different story.  I listen to lots of music, but I always have three songs that I never get sick of hearing: Rumor by Lee Brice, One Thing by One Direction, and The Chair by George Strait.  These songs always make me happy, and I know each of them word-for-word, especially The Chair because I first heard the song when I was little and I’ve loved it ever since.

Lee Brice has many amazing songs and even though Rumor only came out not long ago, I still know it perfectly.  I think th

de.  I love lots of songs, but this is one is definitely in my top 3.

I would have to say that One Thing is my favorite song of all time because whenever I hear it, I feel a connection with my family’s time in Australia.  If I hear this song come on, doesn’t matter where I am, I feel like I’m back at the Bennett’s backyard in Griffith, swimming in their pool with all of our friends on Christmas Day.  After that, we had a feist and played cricket on their lawn.  This song first came out when we were in Australia and it was a big hit, so every radio station was playing that song all year long.  It’s now trapped in my mind that when that song comes on, Australia comes straight behind.

This song is one I heard and knew before Australia.  George Strait ever since I can remember has been my Grandma’s and my Mom’s favorite singer and frankly, he’s mine too.  When any George Strait song comes on, It reminds me of when my Mom, brother, and I would drive to Irma for baseball, we would play George Strait to “pump us up”.  Whenever The Chair came on, I would try to go in a deep voice and sing the first line, “Well excuse me, but I think you’ve got my chair”.  It always came out bad because I was a 10-year-old trying to sing like a 40-year-old.  It’s one of my happiest memories though.

All three of these songs bring up memories, good and bad.  I think I like them the most because they connect with me in many unusual ways.  If someone else heard these songs, they might think nothing of it, but for me, they’re memories in my mind and I can listen to my memories on repeat.

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