The world has millions of beautiful places to see and activities to do.  In those millions of places to see, there’s only one place I want to be.  That amazing place is Australia.  When I was 6 years old, my family and I moved to Australia for a year.  That was the greatest year of my life.  The first 2 weeks were some of the best, we traveled and saw the most beautiful places, made life long friendships, and explored the house that we were going to be living in for the rest of the year. I would do anything to go back there to see the stuff we already saw and see new things too.  If I could teleport, then that would be the first place I would go.

The Great Ocean Road was like no other place in this world.  Everything there seemed like it was brought down from the heavens.  While venturing down that road, we stopped at every beach and every lookout spot because we just couldn’t get enough of the beautiful weather and even more, the beautiful scenery.  We celebrated my 7th birthday with a cake from 7-11 and a picnic on the beach.  One of our favorite places we got to see on the Great Ocean Road, was the 12 Apostles.  The 12 Apostles are 12 massive chunks of land that have been carved out by the ocean.  While they’re called the 12 Apostles, there’s only 8 left standing because Mother Nature, time and salty waters have caused the others to fall.  They were still amazing to see and I would, without a doubt, go there again.  Though we did travel and see many other places, this was one of my favorites and I would definitely teleport there if I could.

Along our travels, we made a few friends, but we never really got to see them again.  Once we made it to the town we lived in, that’s when the friendships locked together.  We made friends at school, at sports and many other places.  Those friends were so amazing and tauaght me so many things that I would to anything to teleport to them right now.

Our friends are the ones that showed us how to get to our farm.  It was an amazing place.  There was a shop for my dad to work in, a pool in the backyard with lots of green grass to play in, sheds for animals, and the house was great.  It was big enough for all of us to live comfortably.  It didn’t have a basement, but we soon found out that almost no houses in Australia had basements.  One of my best memories of the house is the fort that Khye and I built in the trees and how we used to spend hours playing out there in it.  I would love to teleport there.

I know that teleportation isn’t a real thing and probably won’t be for a while, but Australia really would be the first place I would teleport to so that I could chase my memories.

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