Dream House

I’m quite an outdoorsman.  I love spending time in the wilderness camping, fishing, and hunting.  I’ve always dreamed of having a little log cabin by a river or lake in the mountains of Alaska.  The house would be quite small, about 200 square feet, just enough room for me to live.  I’d get my water from the lake or river and I’d get my food from hunting or trapping animals and gathering berries and such.  I’d be all by myself.  To me, this is the greatest way to live.

I wouldn’t have to rely on anyone else.  Everything I do would be for me.  I would have my cabin on the shore.  I would build the whole house and all the furniture inside.  It would have a bed that folds into the wall.  A wood stove would keep me warm and cook my food.  There’d be a small, removable sink for washing.  During the summer I’ll dig a pit into the ground so that in the spring I can put ice chunks into it to keep my food cool during the warmer months.  I’d have a small loft to store all my gear and act as a second bed if I had a visitor.  There’d be windows on three sides of the cabin so I can see almost everything.  The blankets and carpets would be made of animal hides that I harvested.  I’d be living completely off the land.

I’d have no technology.  That means no TVs, PlayStations, computers, Xboxes, etc.  I’d have a satellite phone in case of emergencies.   I’d spend my time reading informational books, drinking coffee on the porch, cooking hiking, fishing, trapping, hunting, and gathering, etc.  If I got an animal while doing one of these activities, I’d hang the meat on a 20-foot high meat rack, so that predators can’t get to it.

The reason I want to have such a small house in such a remote location is that I want to be self-sufficient and self-reliant.  I’d spend lots of time relaxing in the cabin and lots of time enjoying the fresh air and the sound of wild animals living their peaceful lives.  This would be very relaxing for me.

Living in a small house is exactly what I want.  Living off the land has always been a dream of mine.  I would get to hunt for my own food and I’d love every moment of it.  I wouldn’t need all the gadgets and million-dollar houses to be happy.  I just need my house in the mountains of the Alaskan range.

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