The Car of My Dreams

The ’70s where full of many magical things, like rollerskates and 5c candies, but the only thing that I would ever need from the ’70s is a 1970 Dodge Charger R/T.  This is one of the greatest looking, sounding and performing cars ever made.  Not only was it a great car in the ’70s, but it is a star in the very popular Fast and Furious movies.  These movies played a big role in my love for cars.  They are the reason I love cars, especially the 1970 Charger.  This car, if I could build it, would have big block 440, pushing 900hp plus a 250 shot of nitrous.  That’s a lot of raw power.  I would try to build the car the exact same as the movie because I love it so much.

The Charger is an icon of American Muscle cars.  The first time I saw it, I fell in love with it.  When it roared, it sent a chill down my spine.  The look of the sleek, black curves of the car says everything.  In the movies, the Charger smokes any car it faces and it’s always the best looking.  The star of the movies, Vin Diesel, drives the Charger.  He’s this big muscular man that fights anyone who tries to hurt his family.  He’s one of the reasons I love the car.

With a big block 440 and nitrous, this car would beat anything in a race.  Even though it would beat any car in a race, I would be too scared to race it, in fear that I would wreck or crash it. I would mainly show the car and use it as my most valuable treasure.  Though, in some cases, I would drive it to hear the sheer aggression of the powerful engine because you can’t just leave such a beautiful car sitting in a garage collecting dust.

I would say, the blower on the hood of the car is one of the best pieces of “eye candy”.  Along with the blower, the car would have Catherine wheels, a stainless steel mesh grille, and a full roll cage.  To make this car sound as good as it looks, I would put on the biggest and loudest exhaust.  If I was driving this car down the road, it would be screaming 1970s and I would happy.

This car is an icon to me.  I would do just about anything to lay eyes on it, better yet own it.  It has been a big part of my childhood and it has always been the car of my dreams.  I can see myself rolling down the highway in the summer sun catching everyone’s eye.  I love everything about this car. 

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