Road Trip Narrative

Many people might say that long road trips are the worst.  That is quite the opposite for me.  I mean sure there are some bad things that happen, but the longest road trip I went on, was by far the greatest one ever.  We drove for 3 weeks up the Gold Coast of Australia, from Sydney to just North of Brisbane.  We rented a motor home and hit the road.

We landed in Sydney after a long 14-hour flight. We went from -35c and the middle of winter to 45c and summer sun scorching our bodies.  The first thing we did was buy a minivan, toured Sydney and saw our first koala bear sitting in a tree eating some leaves.  The next day, we rented a motor home and hit the road.  The heat in mid-summer was unbearable.  Kent was puking as soon as we left.  We weren’t off to a great start.  We had a kid puking all day and our motor home smelled horrible.

The trip was very weird for us, everything was very different from our lives back in Canada.  We stopped at every beach and each one seemed more beautiful than the last.  When we weren’t in the water, we were playing baseball on the beach, but because we didn’t have a real bat, we used a plastic shovel to hit the ball.  It was also weird because every single beach we went to had a massive BBQ, picnic tables, and fire pits.  Even the campgrounds were amazing.  They had laundry rooms, outdoor pools, playgrounds, and even outdoor movie theatres.  Everything seemed to be so perfect.

Speaking of perfect, I had my 7th birthday while we were on the road and it was fabulous.  We bought an ice cream cake from 7-11 and we had a small party in the motor home.  For presents, I got lego and some toys to play in the water.  As a big surprise, we got to go to Sea World for the day.  We watched dolphins, shows with sea lions, and guys jumping sea doos.  I bought a stuffed dolphin to remember that day.

When we were driving from beach to beach and town to town, we would play cards and board games.  Khye, who was 5 at the time, had a little notebook and he would spend lots of time just counting up from 1.  I think by the time he was finished he got somewhere into 4000. Aside from playing games and counting, we would just stare out the windows for hours because this land was so beautiful and breathtaking.

I would have to say that even though we were having the time of our lives swimming in the ocean and playing on the beach, we all missed hockey.  Fortunately, we found out that in a town that we were stopping at had a skating rink.  Well, of course, we had to stop in and go for a skate.  What we soon found was that the skates they had were basically ski boots with blades on the bottom and they had never been sharpened before.  Once we got on the ice, we had to skate in a circle and the announcer that was playing the music kept telling us to slow down because he thought we were going to run into people.  It was nice to skate because we all missed it.

Back in the motor home we went and onto the next stop.  We were fortunate enough to stop at Australia Zoo.  We got to pet kangaroos, koalas, penguins, and wallabies.  Charlie the Crocodile put on quite the show for us in the Crocoseum.  He smashed and thrashed a dead pig.  We toured the whole place and saw all the animals.

From the zoo, we traveled to Byron Bay.  There, we toasted with a coke to our friend Trent for his birthday.  That couldn’t have been a better place to do it.  The beach there was so amazing and the water was so clear.

This was near the end of our trip and we high tailed it from Brisbane back to Sydney where we picked up our minivan and drove to our far to end the amazing road trip.

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