Grade 10 Web Design Course

Career and Technology Studies (CTS) is a complementary program designed for Alberta’s secondary school students. As a program of choice, CTS offers all students important learning opportunities to:

  • develop skills they can be applied in their daily lives, now and in the future
  • refine career-planning skills
  • develop technology-related skills
  • enhance employability skills
  • apply and reinforce learnings developed in other subject areas
  • prepare for transition into adult roles in the family, community,
  • workplace and/or further education.

The course structure of CTS enables schools to design unique programs that meet the needs of students and take advantage of community resources. Developed across levels rather than grades, CTS has multiple entry points and provides secondary students with access to a common curriculum. As a competency-based curriculum, CTS recognizes prior learning from formal schooling and personal initiatives.

The CTS program centres around five clusters and more than 1000 1-credit courses in 28 occupational areas.

A cluster is a group of CTS courses that represent occupations with broad industry commonalities. Clusters in CTS are aligned with the National Occupational Classification (NOC) and function as an organizing tool for the CTS program.

Media, Design & Communication Arts (MDC)
The MDC cluster is designed to provide students the flexibility to adapt to various situations relating to design, communication and esthetics. This cluster includes courses related to art and culture, such as the performing arts, film and video, broadcasting, journalism, writing, creative design, fashion, libraries and museums.

The pathway of the term will consist of 5-6 courses related to the Web Design career.

5 courses(1 CU each) selected from the “Communcations Technology(COM)” strand of the “Media,Design, and Communication Arts(MDC)” cluster of the CTS Program of Studies. 1 course(1CU) from the “Information Processing(INF)” strand of the “Business, Administration, Finance & Information Technology(BIT)” cluster of the CTS Program of Studies.

In addition to the courses offered, ambitious students may be interested in pursuing credentialed pathways in Adobe CS4.

Course Outlines:

  1. COM1005 Visual Composition
    Students learn to employ fundamental elements and principles for various media and gain a strong foundational multidisciplinary experience in preparation for other Communication Technology courses.

  2. COM1015 Media
    Students discover the impact of the media and develop fundamental skills to relay a message effectively using various forms of media; e.g., photography, print, Web and audio or video production.

  3. COM1055: Web Design 1
    Students research the characteristics of effective web pages and learn World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) conventions and accessibility concerns to construct a simple web page. Prerequisite: COM1005: Visual Composition

  4. COM2055: Web Design 2
    Students learn intermediate coding and software applications to produce a web site. Prerequisite: COM1055: Web Design 1

  5. COM3075: Cascading Style Sheets
    Students develop accessible and standards compliant web pages using current techniques for advanced cascading style sheets. Prerequisite: COM2055: Web Design 2

  6. COM3085: Content Management Systems
    Students expand their skills from Web Design 2 by learning how to install and administer a content management system. Prerequisite: COM2055: Web Design 2

    • 90% Assignment Portfolio
    • 10% Workstation Routines
  7. INF2020: Keyboarding
    Students enhance their occupational level keyboarding competence of all keytroke functions, using unedited, edited, and straight copy material. Prerequisite: none

    • 20% Assignment Portfolio
    • 70% Tests on keyboard all keys between between 30 and 50 words per minute
      • 60-60% = 20-30 wpm @ 95% accuracy
      • 61-70% = 31-35 wpm @ 96% accuracy
      • 71-80% = 36-40 wpm @ 97% accuracy
      • 81-90% = 41-45 wpm @ 98% accuracy
      • 91-100% = 46-50 wpm @ 99% accuracy
    • 10% Workstation Routines

Each course and its final grade will be listed on the student report card.


Workstation Routines 10%:

Download (DOC, 37KB)


2017 Sequences

Grade 10 Web Design Course
INF2020 Keyboarding
COM1005 Visual Composition
COM1015 Media
COM1055 Web Design 1
COM1035 Graphic Tools
COM2055 Web Design 2
COM3075 Cascading Style Sheets

Grade 11 Digital Media Tools Course
INF1030 Word Processing 1
COM1035 Graphic Tools
COM1205 Photography – Introduction
COM1105 Audio/Video
COM2015 Media Impact
COM2035 Raster Graphics 1
COM2175 Interactive Presentation
COM2215 Photography – Communication
COM3005 Creative Writing
COM3215 Photography – Photojournalism

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