Letter to Malcolm

Dear Malcolm,

We both know that we were not the ones who killed our dearest father. When we were all gathered in Macbeth’s castle everybody claimed that they did not kill our father. The problem is that you can’t tell who is telling the truth when everybody is lying. So Whoever is the murder was in Macbeth’s castle playing the innocent. The murder of our father must of had something to gain from his death. It seemed like everybody was talking but had nothing to say. When people talk but they have nothing useful to say it usually means that they have something to hide. I could tell by the way Macbeth was talking that he has a secret that he wants nobody to know about. I heard a rumor that Macbeth is going to Scones to get coronated, but that does not mean that Macbeth is the only suspect here. In my opinion everybody that was in Macbeth’s castle is not off of the suspect list. We cannot talk to anybody and right now nobody is trustworthy the only people that we can trust are each other. If anybody from Scotland comes to your castle in England, and tries to talk to you you must hide from them and keep your guard up. If anybody does come to your castle and tries to talk to you it is most likely because they want something from you. There might be an even worse reason they would come to your castle they might want to murder you too. Since you were supposed to be the next in line for king the person who murdered our father could murder you next.


In other news I heard Ross and an old man saying that the night our father was murdered it was the worst night he ever remembered being that bad. That is saying something since he was alive for quite a long time and he should have seen a lot of brutal events and had many kings before our father, but none like the murder of our poor father. That is why I have come to the conclusion that I shall hire spies so that they can keep an eye on your castle in England and the shack that I am staying in here in Ireland. I shall have spies that keep an eye on Scotland too so that the spies can make finding out who the murderer is much faster and easier. Just remember to be safe and don’t talk to anybody who looks suspicious or if they are trying to get something out of you like power. We shall not rest nor be depressed about our dearest father until we find out who the murderer is once and for all.


  From your loving brother,


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