Respond Creatively to Barney

September 19th I amm still aliive an grievving aboutt the death of Barney the ratt. Barney was my only frend an he was the onle one that I felt undirstood mee. I mis himm soo much thatt I did knot hav the gutts to caste miself into the see. Becus I no Barney wood knot want me to thro myself into the see. Besiides I need sum female ratts for his livving memoral and I am the only persin to gett them. Iff I doo knot gett them I do knot no how I can liv with miself.

September 22nd I hav orderd sum female ratts too test onn they shud bee hear in a weak. Itt iss lonley hear bye myself an I need sumone too keep me company thatt iss why I orderd ten ratts. Evin thow they ar just ratts wen I tok to them they they tok too mee bak. I amm soo exited becus I need sum cmpany down hear in the laab.

September 27th Today was verry boring all I did was sit arond all day and wate for the ratts to come.

September 28th




Barney- Will Stanton: Responding Critically

The way that I responded to the story is that on September 11th the scientist says that Barney is dead, but Barney is the one who is actually writing the journal entry. Barney was also the one who killed the scientist. Barney wanted to plot against the scientist all along. The foreshadowing in the short story was that Barney was going through puberty.

Romeo and Juliet: Act 1

Hello I am Sophia Marie on the streets of Verona interviewing Capulet.

Me:Do you really think that Romeo is a nice young man?

Capulet: Ha Ha of course I do even though he is the son of my enemy. I do see Romeo as a nice young lad. I would not admit this to my wife Lady Capulet. And I also wanted Tybalt to keep quite.

Me: What is your opinion on Paris?

Capulet: I think that Paris is a foolish young lad who wants to marry my daughter Juliet. She is only 12 at least wait for two more years.

Me: Why do you think your wife Lady Capulet won’t give you a long sword, but a crutch instead?

Capulet: Oh because she wants to make herself look better than i do, but we all no that it is not true because I am better than she is and that will never change.

Me: How can you prepare a huge party so fast in just one day?

Capulet: I have my servants working all the time just in case I need to throw a party and I have many connections to people in Verona.

Me: What is your opinion on Tybalt?

Capulet: Well I have a lot say about that young man. He is annoying and he likes to speak his mind but he is still kinsman to my wife Lady Capulet.

Me: Why did you invite Mercutio to your party? Since he is friends with a Montague.

Capulet: Well yes he is friends with the enemy, but he is also related to the prince. I wanted to invite young Mercutio because I will prove to the prince that I am not a horrible person after all.


Romeo and Juliet: Act 3

  1. What I really don’t understand in this act is that Capulet got mad at Juliet because she said no to marring Paris. And in Act 1 Capulet said that Juliet was to young to marry when Paris asked him.
  2. The character that I really don’t understand is Lady Capulet because she stood up for herself but she won’t standup for her own daughter.

Man of Constant Sorrow

(In constant sorrow through his days)

I am a man of constant sorrow
I’ve seen trouble all my day.
I bid farewell to old Kentucky
The place where I was born and raised.
(The place where he was born and raised)

For six long years I’ve been in trouble
No pleasures here on earth I found
For in this world I’m bound to ramble
I have no friends to help me now.

[chorus] He has no friends to help him now

It’s fare thee well my old lover
I never expect to see you again
For I’m bound to ride that northern railroad
Perhaps I’ll die upon this train.

[chorus] Perhaps he’ll die upon this train.

You can bury me in some deep valley
For many years where I may lay
Then you may learn to love another
While I am sleeping in my grave.

[chorus] While he is sleeping in his grave.

Maybe your friends think I’m just a stranger
My face you’ll never see no more.
But there is one promise that is given
I’ll meet you on God’s golden shore.

[chorus] He’ll meet you on God’s golden shore.

Romeo and Juliet: Before You Read

In many stories I have heard of youth falling in love with each other. In some cases the couple’s situation ends up perfectly fine. In other cases their situation is not what the couple expected it to be. I have heard of a mixture of both situations that I have thought about. The book Past Perfect reminds me of a happily ever after ending. Where the book Eleanor and Park has a sad ending to it. I hear about love stories all the time not just in books but in music, television, movies.

In Past Perfect two people named Dan and Chelsea work at two different historical villages during the summer which are at war. They both struggle to find time to be together. It is tough hiding from their friends and co workers until one day they finally end up getting caught. They don’t talk until it is a week before the summer ends and they end up back together. Eleanor and Park are very different but are still very similar to each other. Eleanor and Park meets on the school bus and they both hate each other at first. They soon warm up to each other and talk to each other. Eleanor moves to a different state further away from Park. Since Eleanor’s step dad finds out and does not approve of them. They never hear from each other again.They finally relize that they were not meant to be with each other.

I believe that music says a lot about someone’s feelings if their sad, happy, or even if they are in love. When I think about love songs the first song that comes to mind is Thinking Out Loud- Ed Seeran. A young couple hoping to raise a family and die alone together. This song can be compared to Taylor Swift’s Love Story.  This song is about two people being in love. And their parents won’t let them see each other but they end up together anyways. To me these songs reminds me of a collection of television shows and movies.

There are a variation of television shows and movies that involve a love story. In Disney movies when the princess meets the prince she instantly falls in love. In the movie Frozen Princess Anna just met Prince Hans and he asks Princess Anna if she wanted to marry him. This relationship did not last because Prince Hans ended up being a traitor. Princess Anna falls in love with a young man named Kristoff. A Television show where young love exists is Boy Meets World. Cory and Tapanga met in elementary school, started dating in high school, and in the late but near future got married with two kids.

Love is everywhere we can never escape it. No matter how hard two people try to stop loving one another. The wall of love will always come crumbling down. I don’t have any experiences with falling in love with another being. What I do know is that when you are in love with someone they are very important and special to you. That is why there are a countless numbers of love stories told all over the world.











Extra credit expository essay

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.” ― Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums. Writing an essay encompasses so much more than just copying and pasting. It involves structure and imagination. Some may choose to be in a galaxy all their own while others need only the luxury of home. Needless of what your comforts are every expository-literary essay can be so much more with the right tools. To construct a satisfactory essay be sure to encompass correct grammar, coherent, well-developed paragraphs and substantial details and examples.

Spelling and grammar are components that greatly enhance a correctly drafted, first-class, paragraph. Austin provided an example of a grammatically incorrect sentence, ‘Dixon didn’t remember that the cameras made a noise, which Navorski hear and decide not to go outside the doors or he could be in more trouble than before.’ This sentence illustrates a passive message simply due to the inclusion of Dixon’s name first. It can be modified to sound more definite and embellish a solid idea by the placement of Navorski name at the start. With minimal effort the broken sentence can be changed into a compound sentence including more than one subject or predicate connected by a conjunction. ‘Navorski hears the cameras and avoids temptation’ is a redevelopment of the previously broken into a compound structure. Installing helpful programs that detect grammatical and spelling errors is a key feature that can help make an essay great. If Connor’s sentence ‘Viktor waits at least 1 year to get it to, but he achieves his goal’ would have been put through a spell check program the error of creating a sentence which is connected by a conjunction, that is not a compound sentence would have been detected. This can make an essay easier to understand since there are no errors present to confuse the reader. This example that can be easily revised to sound exceptional, ‘Viktor waits at least one year to fulfil his goal, which is to leave the airport and get the last signature of the jazz musician.’ The sentence not only shows the writer has a favorable understanding of the english language but also demonstrates the implementation of grammatical programs. Dictionaries and thesaurus’ will not only enhance your essay but will demonstrate your ability to use a higher vocabulary. ‘When a character was faced with waiting in the airport some handled it good, while others didn’t’. The sentence above created by Austin, could be strengthened by changing the dull words with ones that are acceptable for a grade nine level. This sentence could be further elevated by using more crafty vocabulary. ‘When a character was confronted with a challenge of waiting in the airport, most handled it in a satisfactory way, while others didn’t cope with the challenge’. Altering your words will make them more complex in your essay which intensify your usage of better words in the future. If you want to exceed your previous self or class expectations of literary writing be sure to utilize the tools given to you such as thesauruses and dictionaries.

By having a well formulated paragraph you create a coherent flow yielding an outstanding provision. To grasp every detail, it should not skip from one topic or idea to the next. Navorski had to go to customs but instead went and shaved. This is a poor sentence to use in a paragraph, it skipped from mentioning customs to stating that he was shaving. Although flow is a crucial criteria when producing structured sentences, to refrain from the use of the same word can be just as much. Taking the same word for continuous use is not a valuable habit to develop in any writing piece. When choosing your words use a variety to complete each sentence so selecting the same is not a high possibility. The formation of circle sentences like, because a Bulgarian man from Krakozhia named Victor Navorski was left to wait at NYC airport because he couldn’t enter the USA or go home because his country is in a military coup.  will be non-existent with definite understanding of your topic. Organizing these points is a habit that should be developed. A prolific conversion between your themes is a crucial maneuver. The ability to keep organized helps all your techniques advance in quality. Have a good opening and closing statement to receive organization. Quality will also advance if you specify not only the details in an essay, but in examples too. Specifying and having precise, distinct details will efficiently present your illustrations. As we saw in the Terminal nobody at the JFK airport could wait for anything. Who is the nobody and what is the anything, you always need an explanation. In order to make an efficient essay, formulated paragraphs, along with sentences, and flow throughout the piece is vital.

The formation of an acceptable literary expository essay starts with the inclusion of strong detailed sentences and appropriate examples.  Any well fabricated manuscript uses references to archetypes as an enhancer for detail. In Kale’s Terminal essay he uses the phrase ‘Frank was trying to get rid of Viktor out of the terminal for quite a while, 9 months to be exact. But Navorski wouldn’t take the bait. (Fisherman Joke Relates to the storyline of Dixon)’.  Here the author just states that the ‘fisherman joke’ relates to the story of Dixon. We have no concept of what the joke he is referring to is about and are provided with no background knowledge to contemplate how it is supposed to tie in. To improve the construction of this argument we can use hyperlinks to give background knowledge and be explicit in the course of how to correlate an explanation of the archetype with the topic. An example of a correctly used archetype can be found in Shae’s story. ‘Frank becomes so impatient to get this position that he is wishing for the death of his superior. The story of Faust tells about a man who makes a deal with the devil where he sells his soul in exchange for a life of pleasure and riches. This represents Frank’s life. He lusts for the power and wealth that comes with a bigger job but can’t wait for his time to come so sells his ‘soul’ and in essence becomes the devil himself, running hell. Hell is a place for the wicked, for murderers and terrorists.’ By connecting the ideas to Dixon character well providing the needed bit of history you heighten the detail and the archetype. Be sure to choose a fight that you believe in. Connor uses the following concept in his manuscript, ‘He tells the officer who takes him into the office.’ This particular sentence has very little description that can be related relevantly to the topic. A better option would be to stray into his reason for being in this situation. Such as ‘During his delay in the airport Viktor carries around a can of peanuts. He is taken to Thermin’s office to discuss the reasoning behind this.’  By mentioning the can of peanuts you open up the opportunity to weave in reputable ideas. For the greatest impact and to ensure the reader’s continued interest do not stray in implemented details. Be sure to be specific. This sentence drafted in Chelsey’s essay include an idea that leads the reader away from the point that you were trying to convey; ‘But in this movie Frank Dixon is the bad guy because he tries to make Viktor leave the airport so he didn’t have to deal with him and wait till he left to get his job part he wants to get from his boss’. By adding the extra ideas about Dixon’s job you draw attention away from the main point you were trying to make. Using a basic sentence to convey the point and a complex sentence to enhance the meaning would create a more effective essay. ‘Frank Dixon’s character is like that of the devil. One point in the movie shows Dixon lying to Viktor about the security to convince him to depart’. This sentence from Sierra’s essay does a tremendous job of capturing what needs to be said in the first thought. This allows the reader to easily follow the connection being made between the concepts. ‘Patience is important in how Viktor coped with all the waiting he had to in the airport and terminal’

Writing an essay needs ‘outside the box thinking’. In order to produce a satisfying provision include proper spelling and grammar, substantial details, and coherency. Be sure to use these variety of tools at your writing disposal to ensure …. spelling and …….. grammar. A major component to any thesis is examples and robust sentences with well-developed details to help boost the meaning of the article. Any piece must have the proper coherency to help advance and refine paragraphs to go along with your illustration.

Terminal Essay

Terminal Essay

The movie Terminal is produced and written by Andrew Niccol and is directed by Stephen Spielberg. And the movie  was made in 2004. In the movie Victor Navorski copes by waiting to go to his detonation which is New York, unlike Victor, Amelia Warren struggles with trying to cope with waiting,this essay will help you understand the message that I got from the movie.

Victor played by Tom Hanks uses some techniques  to put his quest of going to New York on hold. He found a job contracting to pass the time and keep him  Navorski waited to get food by making mustard and ketchup sandwiches out of saltine crackers.He kept on making those sandwiches until he found out how the carts worked. The way the carts worked were you add a cart and you get 25 cents in return. What happened in this scene of the movie is called capitalism.That is how he got most of his meals until Dixon replaced Navorski from putting the carts away.When Navorski met Enrique Cruz he told Navorski that he would give Navorski food if he would be Enrique’s wing man. Victor plans to get a job to pay for his date with Amelia. Navorski tries to get a occupation at a shop in the Terminal. He waits all night by a pay phone and the little things in life like needing to go to the washroom makes us impatient wait . Victor was sanding the walls to pass the time and unexpectedly got a job in contracting. Navorski was supposed to ask Dolores Torres questions about her life.The people followed Navorski because they wanted to go out the door and leave the Terminal.The similarities that I saw in Navorski is that he is similar to Moses because he lead the Israelite to the promise land. It is the same way in the movie Navorski the people wanted leave the Terminal and go on their flights to where ever they needed or wanted to go.In the end of the movie Victor lead people to “America” in the movie. While waiting Victor then met someone named Amelia Warren.

Amelia Warren has similar aspects to Napoleon in the movie. Napoleon’s ego saved him because he tried to commit suicide but he drank to much poison that he survived. Amelia is the same way because she dates every guy she sees and doesn’t kill her because she dates to many boys and it does not harm her. Amelia’s poison or drugs are dating. Navorski is a distraction for Amelia because she was waiting for Max for so long and she basically uses Navorski. An interesting fact to note is that Amelia throw her pager that Max calls her on. Amelia also made Navorski throw his pager over the edge even though she does not know what it was meant for. In the end Amelia helps out the less and gets a pass to New York for Navorski. Navorski finds out that she got the pass from Max and he realizes that she is not the one. Navorski then goes to New York alone because Amelia is impatient when it comes to men. In a way Amelia can be tolerant waiting for men because after all she did wait for Max for seven years. She is just tired of waiting for Max to give her an answer to what ever she is waiting for. Amelia sees men the way she wants to see them so she thinks that Navorski and Max are liars because she does not trust them. Transition

At the end when Thurman gave Navorski the jacket it can be related to a mother and a child. The mother doesn’t  want her kid to move out but she lets her kid do it any way.Thurman giving his jacket to Navorski is similar to a mother and her child moving out because Thurman doesn’t want Victor to leave because of his job but he does it any way because it was the right thing to do and Victor waited to go to New York for so long. The jacket scene can be related to Joseph’s father giving him the coat of many colors in the bible. The message that Spielberg is saying behind the movie is that if you wait long enough good things will happen to you. Another message can be society pressures us to wait by the advertisements and other people being impatient.Therefore Victor waited for a year in the Terminal and finally got to go to New York.

The movie in conclusion showed someone who copes with waiting very well. Others who do not wait very well including Amelia things will not go as exactly as planned.



Sunrise on the Veld

Looking at the sun rise

I see clouds

Looking at the sun rise

I see the blue sky

Looking at the sun rise

I see flowers blooming

Looking at the sun rise

I hear birds chirping

Looking at the sun rise I

smell my mother cooking breakfast

Looking at the sun rise I

feel the light breeze of the dawn

Looking at the sun rise

I know what life is supposed to mean