Fr. Joy’s First visit

Today was the first day that the grade 9’s of St. Jerome met Father Joy.  He talked about many things in the forty minutes he had.  In fact, he talked much more than just religion but he also talked about his past, where he’s from, how he came to Canada and he talked some about India.  Father Joy also taught a breathing exercise to keep you focused.  Father joy is from the Indian province of Kerala with a population of about 35’000’000 people and the continent is only 2/3 of Nova Scotia.  He also talked about his sister who is a nun who works in a pediatric hospital.  He also talked about the other continents and their languages.

We talked about healthcare in India and education in India.  He is the replacement for Father Roger because he left to another church.  He also used to be at St. Theresa in Edmonton but he is now, here at Holy Name Parish, Vermillion.


Another day another Myblueprint survey.  Today’s survey was about motivation and the types of jobs you should look for.  I found that I should look for a job that makes me feel like I’ve achieved something or where I should use my skills or abilities.

I think this is a fair enough survey because of many things.  I like to use my skills to create and make myself feel happy, I like to feel achieved. For example, when I was playing UNO with maybe 15 people and it takes about 1 and a half hours and I got on UNO and forgot to call it and when it got back round to me I won.  I like to feel achieved, and glad to be first or second. I like to put in my hardest effort and skill into my assignments to feel achieved.

here is my visual of my motivations



Another day another survey,  my blueprint to be exact. Today I took another myblueprint survey but today’s subject was knowledge telling me about which subject areas I have a finer capability of doing.  

 The first career it told me about myself is computers.  I agree with this in all my days because I like to figure things out on computers, use computers, attempt to code, and I like to design 3 dimensional.

The other job it told me to do was creative arts.  I can relate and I do think it is quite accurate because I like to doodle, digitally animate, create silly photos on computers.  I also like to try and make my photos in my head into reality.

The last subject area it suggested to me is physed.  I also agree with this subject because I like to run, play many sports, try and stay healthy, and just do activities.


The Ten Commandments

  1. I am the LORD your God:

you shall not have

strange Gods before me.

You shall have only have the Lord your God.

  1. You shall not take

the name of the LORD your God in vain.

You shall keep the Lord’s name in proper situations

  1. Remember to keep holy the LORD’S Day.

You shall not forget about the Lords day.

  1. Honor your father and your mother.

You shall not disrespect parents.

  1. You shall not kill.

You shall preserve human life

  1. You shall not commit adultery.

You shall honor your spouse

  1. You shall not steal.

You shall use your own things instead of taking others.

  1. You shall not bear false witness

against your neighbor.

You shall tell the truth all the time

  1. You shall not covet

your neighbor’s wife.

You shall be grateful for your spouse

  1. You shall not covet

your neighbor’s goods.

You shall be grateful for the things you have not your neighbors.

My Interests

Today I did a survey on myblueprint.  it tells me that I am a person who is artistic, and I create photos in my head that I make into reality.  I agree with this.  It also says im a hands-on worker and I turn my ideas into reality.           Here is a visual of my results

This proves the point that I turn my ideas into reality.  It also lets you know that I enjoy 3d editing and art.

the tenth comandment

The Tenth Commandment thy shall not covet anything of thy neighbors means that you shall not want anything of the neighbors like a neighbors wife or tv or house. Most of the time it is the people who are poor in spirit who covet because they believe that they need that certain thing to be happy.  Also the people who are poor because they want to come out of their situation in which their poor.  You are allowed to want money or things that you want but you can’t want something or trait that your neighbor has. We can help by giving to the poor.

My Personality

I have a lot of personality traits that make me, me as you can see in the rest of this post.


In my first column, I am just past the center meaning I’m about 50% of each, this means I am both judging meaning I am thoughtful, organized, logical and perceiving meaning I am open to new information and I keep my opinions open.

In my next column, it is decision making.  As you can see I’m about 50% of both here too.  In thinking, I like to do well based on the criteria and I focus on the final product.  In the feeling column, I take in account of circumstances and how it affects people and i am caring.

For my final column, information gathering.

This includes sensing and intuition.  For me the sensing is true that I am focused, detail focussed,  and I organize ideas.  For intuition, I see big-picture ideas and I’m inventive.



My Learning Styles

My learning styles are very mixed, I have all three learning styles including 35% visual, 35% kinesthetics, and 29% Auditory learning.

One of my learning styles is visual meaning that I like to see what I’m doing, read instructions, and read over schoolwork, books, and read theory. I believe that I’m a visual learner because of my reading, and being able to do as told if I see it.

In my other learning style, kinesthetics meaning I like to move and do my assignments by doing activities. I can understand this because I am always moving. I also like to get up and do my questions by hand. I don’t move around in class very much but I do enjoy getting up every once in a while.

Of course auditory learning. I don’t think I am much of an auditory learner than visual and kinesthetics because I don’t enjoy following instructions through somebody telling me, I prefer to read it from the page because it can sometimes get confusing. I am however still an auditory learner because I like to listen to audiobooks and read along and also listening to music.

I can understand why this may be, I always have felt like I’m a mix of every learning styles. I am mostly always moving, I prefer to read by myself and not with others, and I Listen for instruction.