My Learning Styles

My learning styles are very mixed, I have all three learning styles including 35% visual, 35% kinesthetics, and 29% Auditory learning.

One of my learning styles is visual meaning that I like to see what I’m doing, read instructions, and read over schoolwork, books, and read theory. I believe that I’m a visual learner because of my reading, and being able to do as told if I see it.

In my other learning style, kinesthetics meaning I like to move and do my assignments by doing activities. I can understand this because I am always moving. I also like to get up and do my questions by hand. I don’t move around in class very much but I do enjoy getting up every once in a while.

Of course auditory learning. I don’t think I am much of an auditory learner than visual and kinesthetics because I don’t enjoy following instructions through somebody telling me, I prefer to read it from the page because it can sometimes get confusing. I am however still an auditory learner because I like to listen to audiobooks and read along and also listening to music.

I can understand why this may be, I always have felt like I’m a mix of every learning styles. I am mostly always moving, I prefer to read by myself and not with others, and I Listen for instruction.

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