My Personality

I have a lot of personality traits that make me, me as you can see in the rest of this post.


In my first column, I am just past the center meaning I’m about 50% of each, this means I am both judging meaning I am thoughtful, organized, logical and perceiving meaning I am open to new information and I keep my opinions open.

In my next column, it is decision making.  As you can see I’m about 50% of both here too.  In thinking, I like to do well based on the criteria and I focus on the final product.  In the feeling column, I take in account of circumstances and how it affects people and i am caring.

For my final column, information gathering.

This includes sensing and intuition.  For me the sensing is true that I am focused, detail focussed,  and I organize ideas.  For intuition, I see big-picture ideas and I’m inventive.



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