Fr. Joy’s First visit

Today was the first day that the grade 9’s of St. Jerome met Father Joy.  He talked about many things in the forty minutes he had.  In fact, he talked much more than just religion but he also talked about his past, where he’s from, how he came to Canada and he talked some about India.  Father Joy also taught a breathing exercise to keep you focused.  Father joy is from the Indian province of Kerala with a population of about 35’000’000 people and the continent is only 2/3 of Nova Scotia.  He also talked about his sister who is a nun who works in a pediatric hospital.  He also talked about the other continents and their languages.

We talked about healthcare in India and education in India.  He is the replacement for Father Roger because he left to another church.  He also used to be at St. Theresa in Edmonton but he is now, here at Holy Name Parish, Vermillion.

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