The Awful Burden of the Unsolved Riddles of Existence.


The Awful Burden of the Unsolved Riddles of Existence.


Us humans have many questions and decisions that we make without even knowing what they are.  What we wear in the morning, what to eat for breakfast and sometimes if we even go to school or not. We believe we know most of the most critically important things but in reality, we know nothing.  We don’t know the answer to impossible questions with no explanations. For example, do we really control our lives, how do we do something right and wrong at the same time. How do we know we really exist. And of coarse where does our conscience go when we sleep. 

We live in a day and age where we feel independent and in control, but who is really in control?  I think that we don’t always control the world, to some degree. I think people impact the world by doing their own thing and not thinking about their environment.  Examples of this include climate change, pollution, and trash in the ocean. All of this they do unintentionally. I think that technology controls us these days. We do anything the internet tells us to do.  We compete in trends and competitions on how to do something absolutely bonkers, like bottle flipping. Anywhere we go we see people on their devices, phones, anything, and using social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.  Almost anywhere we are we see technology and people using it. It tells me that people are doing stupid things like getting into battles and fights and people posting it online shows us something about society and how we do everything on technology.  My opinion is only one of many so believe what you will.

I do many things in under 24 hours and many of these “things” are right but some are wrong.  For example, getting a bit bored in class and searching up something unrelated to the topic of your essay or what your teacher is saying.  We say things so brave but so controversial. We are bold in our everyday lives and we don’t know it. We do rights and wrongs but is it possible to do something good and bad at the same time.  The only scenario that this could happen in is lying so somebody doesn’t get upset or choosing a person to die or live. You could save a life but your also ending one. There is almost no situation in which this is possible unless we create one. Creating a situation like this is almost impossible unless you’re doing something wrong to do good.  For example, the tv show Breaking Bad has a man manufacturing drugs so he can get money for his family. Then he gets into some trouble and has to put himself in danger to keep his family safe.

Sometimes life can be very difficult, and we don’t know if we’re living the real life.  We think that nothing is real sometimes, like deaths, injuries, and even in school. We could all be living in a simulation right now but we don’t know.  We could be living in the matrix right now but we don’t know so we can’t control it. We might be living in the afterlife, in Virtual reality, anything. We might be dead in our beds right now but our minds are going back to past memories.  The world could just be an illusion. Maybe Thanos did snap and the MCU made a history film but made it that Thanos won so we wouldn’t know. Anything could be real, anything could be fake. We don’t know. It is an unsolved mystery. What if what we’re doing right now is a video enhancement were we experience someone else’s lives.  Maybe the air we breathe is a drug but the government doesn’t want us to know and only the government can see the real world. We are probably known as the worst creature in every animal’s eyes. We might be the most advanced living species in the universe. It is very unlikely that we are the only humanoid creature in the universe meaning we are not the only living thing in the universe.  If you go to sleep and get up later, is it like unplugging and plugging yourself back in? We might be living in a live-action drama show, for underground humans.

Where do we go when we sleep.  It is a question that we don’t understand yet.  We could be seeing our actual selves doing things in your dreams.  You could be seeing the future, past, or present. When we sleep it might be the brain unplugging itself and you’re left with a lifeless body.  And when you wake up your brain plugs itself back in.  We could be seeing our previous life’s visions. We could be transported to our dreams while we sleep and experience it for yourself but our minds get wiped most of the time.  We could all be dying and coming back to life which is why we don’t die but as we get older that function slowly gets smaller and we eventually stop coming back to life. There is no way of knowing what happens to our consciousness but all I know is that it is impossible to know these things.  

Many things in this world can be answered, but many of them can’t.  We are unable to identify. We are a very confusing species. We don’t know a tenth of the things there is to know about the world.  For all we know there could be a civilization living underwater, there could be billions of species underground. For all we know we might not even have a core of the earth.  Everything is an unsolved burden that no human can Identify.  Are we in control, How do we do things so good yet so bad, How do we know the world isn’t just a simulation, and of coarse where do we go when we’re asleep.  Without any questions where would our race be? How would we survive, and what we would do without question.

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