Digital Assignments

While I was sitting here waiting I found a thing to print called an Air Spinner.   Here are the steps I did.  First I found the Air Spinner on a site called Thingiverse.    On Thingiverse I found the Air Spinner.  I saw how neat and fidgety it was and decided that, that was what I wanted. 

On the site I clicked on download all files and clicked on the file called in the bottom left corner.

After clicking that it brought me to the desktop and showed me some files.  What I did after that was me pressing the triangle next to the Air Spinner file and it shows me more options.

When it is clicked it shows me a longer line of option containing these options.

What I do after that is I click on the small sideways triangle that says files. when I do it shows me more things about which type of Air Spinner I want and how I like it.

I picked the option Air_Spinner_2_-_Solid.stl  because I wanted the process of printing the object to be quick and I wanted the spinner to be more sturdy and unbreakable.

After I did that I went to the site Dremel Digilab and clicked on the option on the top called software

I scrolled down and clicked on the button called Go To Dremel Print Cloud.  in the bottom left corner.  It is very important that I clicked that button instead of any others because it would have taken me to a different site.

When I click on the button it brings me to a website called Dremel.  It would normally show a quick tutorial for new people but I have already done that.  It shows me all of my files that I have created including a few example files but thats not what I wanted to do.

What I first did was I clicked on Upload New and it brought me to a screen that allowed me to upload my files.

I hit the choose file option and it brings me to the screen with all my downloads and I click on the option that says download located on the left side.

I went and clicked on the air spinner file triangle,  then the files triangle, then I clicked on the Air Spinner Solid option and put those files in.

After uploading the file I clicked Save and go to My file.  It showed me one file.  What I did was I hit the repair button on the right.  It showed me a couple of options that I could use and I just left it alone except for the printer I’m printing on.  I changed it from Dremel 3D40 printer to the Dremel 3D45 so that it makes the object better.  And then I clicked fix.

It then made a duplicate and so I deleted the original one.  I knew it was the original because it didn’t have the word repaired right next to it.  After that I clicked on the layout option and it brought me to the canvas of the 3D object.  I didn’t touch any of it and then I clicked on the save and slice option.  When I press that it brings me to a screen with options that allow me to change the options like the Layer hight, The number of perimeters, and the infill density.  I only changed the infill density to 50% so that it would be sure not to break.  I also went to the advanced section and changed what plastic I used and what supports I want.  I changed the plastic to standard (PLA) so the object would print faster and I also put a skirt on the object so that when it comes off it won’t stick to the piece of glass in the 3D printer.

I then pressed slice and the 3D object was already printing, of coarse after it was approved.  While it was in the printer, it created a quick 5 second time lapsed video even though it took 2 and a half hours to print.

Here is the Air Spinner video



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