My Favorite Poems

I have only read a number of poems but I do have my favorites.  I have really enjoyed three in general.

The three poems are The Cremation of Sam McGee,  The Road not Taken, and The Shooting of Dan McGrew.  The Cremation of Sam McGee was one of the best poems I have ever heard. It is a simple but amazing story poem that tells a story of a man and his friend Sam and they where up north and his friend froze to death and he made a promise to cremate his friend and he does.  It is just a small poem but it is amazing because it tells us about the friendships we have and how important they are.

The Road not Taken is one of the more meaningful poems I have read. It has a message that I actually understand. It is about how you can’t change your past and how the most slightest things can make you thing about what could have happened if you made a different choice.  It is what explains a bit of the butterfly effect.

The Shooting of Dan McGrew is like The Cremation Of Sam McGee being another story poem. It just tells another story that keeps the reader entertained. It also shows the reader about how random a death can be and how not to go to sketchy places.

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