There are many places in this world that would be great to see one day.  The world is beautiful and there is so much to see. But teleportation is a difficult topic so let’s just say that there is no time and space change and there is no science to it.  If I could teleport I would go to Hawaii.

The reason I would go to Hawaii has plenty of variety.  The first being the nice warm weather. I am used to living in extremely cold weather or extremely hot weather but what I would like to have is the nice amazing warm beaches and weather all year.  We usually live in some of the coldest dreadful days or the hottest days where we only get sunburn. It would be very nice just to have the weather stay the same every year unless it is too hot or too cold.  And the weather would be great for farming as long as we do have rich soil. The only problem with the weather though is that it would get boring real quick just like what it is now. We are sick and tired of the winter and are waiting for summer but when it is summer it is too hot and we want it to be winter. But this isn’t much of a problem but more of a pet peeve.  It would be great to have Hawaii’s weather.

It would also be great to leave the country for once in my life.  I have only been to three provinces in Canada, Alberta, Saskatawan, and BC.  If you have only stayed in the same place for all of your life, life can be a little boring.  I’ve only gone on around 2 vaccations in my life. One to Jasper, and one to Kananaskis.  And even then it was only a 4 day trip.  If I went to Hawaii I would stay there for at least a week just to relax.  It would be great because of the food and beaches and tourist attractions I would have quite a long time until I got bored and I would get to do as I please.  Being out of Canada for once in my life would also feel different because I would have accomplished a goal in life.  

The last reason I would go to Hawaii is because of neat things that I could see.  There is plenty in Hawaii to discover like the beaches, the palm trees that I’ve only seen once, The coconuts on those trees, the ancient banyan tree, ect.  I would have tons of time in Hawaii to visit all the places there is to see and I would also be able to see how the native Hawaiians live and what there ways of life and their point of view on the rest of the world.

So there you have it the reasons why I would teleport to Hawaii.  The weather, the escape, and the attractions. These three things are why I would just teleport there and stay there with no trace of where I went.

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