Time Travel

Time travel is a confusing topic.  You never know what could change if you touch anything.  It could be like back to the future. We don’t know what happens in the present time. Do we just disappear?  Does the present time freeze for a while?  Considering time travel doesn’t change anyone’s life but mine, I would go back to the 2000s for only of the best reasons.

If I could time travel I would use it to get quite wealthy.  There is so much that I could do to get rich, considering I stay in that time forever.  I could buy tons of bitcoin because if I were to buy one thousand bitcoin in the 2000s and cashed it in, in 2017 I would have 20 million dollars.  I would’ve bought a whole bunch of shares from companies that I knew would be successful, and I would start a very wealthy business that I know would be successful.  I would be able to become a millionaire. I then would invest the majority of my money into companies that I know are successful and get even more money.  I would bet on football games and any games and win most of them but not all of them just to stay safe.   I would be wealthier than  Jeff Bezos and I would spend it all on things to help thins world.

I want to do something to help the world and this would be much easier if I could time travel.  I would be able to donate tons of my money to research for disease, and homeless shelter, and food banks.  I would also have my own team looking for a way to stop world hunger and thirst. I would send food to starving Africans.  I would try and stop factories that kill animals for food without the animals seeing any sunlight, grass or anything, but instead allow the animals to live life to their fullest and give them grass and fresh water and anything they need to get healthy.  I would build hospitals, wells, anything that helps the world. I would send teams to clean the ocean and save endangered species.  If this was all possible I could stop things before they even started.

The other reason I would go back to that time is to save millions of lives, of celebrities, and civilians.  For example, I would save Steve Irwin from dying and also I would save Paul Walker from dying in the car crash.  I could become one of the most well-known people in the world. I would put a lot more security on the planes that created 9/11.  I would be able to become an actual superhero. I would stop the “adpocalypse” on youtube before it wiped out half the youtube community.  I could save millions of people’s life just doing what is right.  If I could save all the people I would be known as a superhero.  I could be the most amazing man in the world.

If the concept of time travel was possible I would do anything to help the world.  I would get wealthy,  save lives, and help the world to become healthier.  I would be one of the best people in the world that everybody knows.  I would be one of the best people that I could be.  I want to be a popular person but not too popular.  I want to be like Bill Gates but not quite him.  I want to be the nicest and best people the world has ever seen.

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