Identifying a good read.

Many things make a good read a good read.  I have just read one of my new favorite readings called Game of Crones written by Laura Lippman.  The story is one of the most inspiring and wholesome writings I have read. The writing is in the first person in view of Laura about her life after having her daughter at age 51.  The thing about the writing is that you have to understand what her life is like.  How she feels and how you can try to be empathetic.

The writing Tells us about the life of Laura and how she adopted her daughter at age 51 until the present time.  There is plenty to examine in the writing about all the morals but I’ll try my best to talk about them all. The first few paragraphs of the writing tell the reader about people on the street and how they ask her about Laura’s daughter, asking if she is the grandmother.  This occurs a lot for her so she came up with a response explaining to them how she is old enough to be her grandmother but she in reality is her mother. She also gets the occasional compliment from other people that know she is the mother.  She is a wealthy mother too and in good shape for her age which is good for her having a daughter to watch out for. The reading goes on for a couple paragraphs, without telling the reader about how she got her child because she relentlessly tells us that it isn’t her birth child until she tells us her reasoning of her having her child. She tells the reader that it is all because her husband wanted another child even though he had a 23-year-old boy. So Laura adopted a child for her husband and didn’t regret it one bit. At this time she is 51 years old. Her husband is never there to help with the child because he works out of the city, which is absurd.  It should be an obligation for him to help with the child. She takes care of her daughter all the while she tries to write a book a year and tries to stay this way for as long as possible but she can’t because of her daughter so she stays determined to complete a book a year.  She fails at this task but doesn’t. She writes a book every 16 months. Which shows that determination is key to success. She then goes on to tell the reader about her fun times with her daughter playing with an off-brand nerf gun and what really hits Laura hard is when her daughter says that that was the most fun she’s experienced in her life which scares Laura because she has been to many other countries, sat first-class, ate at 5-star meals and stayed in 5-star hotels.  She then goes on to tell about another time of fun where she takes her daughter to a remake of a play and they are the only ones in the audience so they can express themselves however they want. They then go on to a garbage disposal location when a man asks if Laura needs help and says that she doesn’t and lifts the garbage up and throws it away and her daughter enjoys this very much knowing that her mother is old but is strong. The reason she is so strong is that she engages in physical activity and has her own personal trainer. The whole moral of the story is about how you need the determination to stay in good health and shape and that caring and spending quality time with your child is very important.  It is what makes a child grow and develop.  And I think Laura realized that she should stop spoiling her child because she is used to being spoiled and doesn’t know what fun should feel like If that makes sense.  Being with family is one of the most important things in the world and it is better than doing nothing.

I think that there are many things that I would do if I were in the writing.  I would agree with Laura that assuming that the mother is their grandmother. But I don’t think that she has to be so blunt with the truth because it can make people feel terrible about themselves for saying something.  I also think that Laura’s husband should be involved in the child’s life because he was the one who wanted it and he barely even sees her in his life because he works out of town. What I think he should do is at least try and get some time in with his daughter and commit to the role of a parent and be determined to be the better person and try to see her at least 2 times a week.  I also think that Laura is doing a great job staying determined to write a book a year and she also spends time with her daughter even when she has lots of work. It also tells us that we should be determined for other things like exercise, marks, work ethic, etc.  I don’t think Laura should spoil her child either because she might forget what a “real” vacation is.  All of this shows us that we live in a strange society.

I think that all people should be their best selves at any time they can.  The world would be so much better if people understood how their lifestyle affects the ecosystem and the world.  If everybody could try to reduce their carbon footprint the world would be at much less of a disaster than it is now and it would make people realize how much of a disaster the world is in.  People also need to understand that if they are their best self the world would be one of the most amazing places on earth. We wouldn’t have nearly as much pollution. The world would be a lot better.  We wouldn’t have to worry about extinction for other animals and plants, we wouldn’t have to worry about running out of oxygen and we wouldn’t have to constantly worry about the ecosystems being destroyed.  We could probably end poverty in many countries. The world would be a better place if we all did our part to be the best we could. But this doesn’t mean that all problems would be gone but it would end many of them. 

The amazing writing from Laura Lippman can tell us a lot about ourselves and teach us some very exemplary lessons.  About spending quality time with your loved ones, being the best you can, and understanding how others can feel.  I often find myself asking what I should do with my life and I now realize that I need to commit more all from reading one writing.  I learned that video games and the internet aren’t the most important things in the world but that life itself needs to be preserved to be kept healthy, and family is one of the most important things in the world. 

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