Rosiness or Gloomy Gray, Helen Keller

Helen Keller was a very amazing person that accomplished many things in her life.  She was a blind and deaf person and also the first blind-deaf person to earn a bachelor of arts degree.  She was an author and also a political activist that wrote many famous quotes. One of those quotes is, keep your face toward the sunshine and you can’t see the shadow.  This quote can mean may to people but I will only give my opinion.

Face toward the sunshine has very little meaning in just the 4 words but if you explore for the explanation of the very few words you will find that it has much different meaning.  Face toward the sunshine in just the four words itself is like telling you to stare at the sun and burn your eyes, but that’s not it. When you look for meaning you will find that it means to face toward the greatness of your life, always look on the bright side of life.  You should know this because the full quote tells us to look at the sunshine not the shadow. The sun represents the happiness of our life, the gratitude of life, anything good you have or will experience. It shows us that we need to keep open minds on what is happening and look on the bright side of it.  It is all we love and all the existing gratefulness we experience in our everyday life.

The shadow in the quote is the exact opposite of that.  The quote tells us if we face toward the sun we can’t see the shadow showing me that the shadow is all of the worst.  The shadow is dark, gloomy, depressing. The shadow is what brings bad and horrible thoughts into people’s heads. If we face the shadow we see the bad things, the things we don’t want in our lives.  THe dark gloomy thoughts that somehow turn happiness into darkness. But when we look on the bright side of these gloomy bad things the shadow disappears until we look at the dark side again.   

When you put the sunshine and the shadow together it makes a quite confusing quote that is also explainable.  The quote tells us to, face toward the sunshine, and you can’t see the shadow. This tells me that when you are facing the sunshine, happiness,  you can’t see the shadow, the darkness in our lives, then our lives will be off to a great start. The quote doesn’t say anything about being at a great start but I think it does mean that because if I always look on the bright side of things I would be pretty happy with my life which isn’t the same case for most people.  People always see their life as terrible because they don’t see things as amazing. They don’t realize that life is a privilege, which is why we should all be trying to preserve it by making the world a great place as well. If I could I would become the greatest person I could be. The people who do their part in the world are facing the sunshine and focusing on the best thing there is in life and that is life itself.  The sun can stop people from seeing all the bad things all they need is to realize that they are in the shadow not the sunshine. The sun makes us better and happy people while the shadow does the opposite.

The quotes that Helen Keller wrote can change a person to realize what they are doing wrong and right in their lives.  I now understand that I should be the best I can be and to always look on the bright side of life. I understand that I should face the light so I can’t see all of my shadows and wrong doings.  It surprises me what one person in this world can accomplish.

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